How My Family Selected a Home

How My Family Selected a Home

How My Family Selected a Home


Home selection depends on the size of the family, the preference of the family and the income levels of the family, we are five in my family my two parents a brother and two sisters. Since we all live in the same house and commute to school from home my parents had to provide a bedroom for each of us and also find a big house for us to live in. my family lives in a stick built home which is located just a few kilometers from the city.


My family lives in a stick built home which is located just a few kilometers from the city, the house is well built structure with all accessories, it is a wood structure which was built by a famous construction company, the house has a security system which makes it more secure to live in.


The house is located just a few kilometers from town and this allows easy access to school, and also ease for my parents to get to work, it would have been better for us to live even near the city but the cost of these homes are much higher than the house we live in, we also preferred living some kilometers outside the city due to both noise and air pollution associated with the city, therefore the best home we found is located in a good neighborhood with very high levels

How My Family Selected a Home

of security because it is located near the police quarters.

Therefore by acquiring a home in this location has led to various advantages including high security levels due the nearness to a police residence and also low cost of transport to school for us and also for my parents to city where they go to work. We also have an added advantage in that the house is in the middle of a five acre land and that we bought the house and therefore we do not have to pay rent at the end of the month.


The house is large with four bedrooms, a master bedroom which has its own bath and this is for my parents, we also have our own bedroom each, we have the sitting room, entertainment room and dinning room, the bedrooms are up stares while the kitchen and the other rooms are down stares. The most amazing thing is that when we acquired the house it was not in good condition but my father contacted a construction engineer who repainted and repaired the whole house it is now as good as new and very beautiful.


The house is not that expensive bearing in mind that is some kilometers away from town, however due to the size of the land it is located and also the size of the house, however this was just the initial cost my parents had to pay, the cost was high but there is no rent required and also this is a good asset to posses.


How My Family Selected a Home

Choosing a house is a very difficult task; one has to consider the size of the family, the initial cost and maintenance cost, accessibility to the town, the environment and long term benefits. We choose this location due to high security levels, the house was on sale and therefore we acquired the house, low pollution and ease access to the town either to school or work.

However the initial cost was high but bearing in mind that this is an asset my family was ready to undergo the full initial cost.


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