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Research papers book review is a common exercise in all levels of learning. Students of all academic levels may be required to make a book review once in a while. These book reviews may be for various purposes including learning of language basics, assessing contextual understanding or for evaluation of the understanding of material facts presented within the specified books.

Book reviews in the professional context is performed by professionals in various sectors of specialty, and in such instances it is meant to determine the proficiency of the writer in covering the intended topic within his or her work. In these cases the book review made on a book is supposed to act as some form of critique or peer review. Professional book reviews are for the purpose of establishing the relevance of a certain book’s content to the specific area of study that it highlights within its content. A book review is supposed to highlight various aspects of writing including the styles used, the relevance of the material within the book, the development of the plot and the correctness of the language used in relation to the context and rules of grammar.

Book review writing has various basic features that have to be included in a book review as well as the steps that need to be taken in the exercise of writing a book review. The first feature of a book report is the identification of the author, title, house of publication, year of publication, place of publication and the category of writing or books that it belongs to. The synopsis feature should be followed by a brief summary of the book a plot concisely written so as to offer the reader a brief and clear overview of what the book entails. In this section the writer of the book review should also state the purpose or aim of the author in writing the book.

The main highlight of the story as well as the characters of the story should be mentioned as well as the roles that they play in the story. This should include the things that the main characters did in the story. Thereafter, the writer should highlight the main themes of the story and issues that emerge as the author of the book review goes through the book. The writer of the book review should try to establish a connection between the main themes and issues of the book in relation to the author’s purpose of writing the book.

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The heart of the book review lies in the evaluation feature. In this feature of book review writing the writer of the book review critically reviews the work of the author of the book. In this section the book review should state whether the book is clearly written and whether the presented issues are coherent enough for the readership that is intended. This feature serves to highlight any shortcomings of the writer that may be present within his or her writing.

The person writing the book review should also state how the book influenced his perceptions on the presented idea. Finally, the writer of the book review should state whether the author of the book review was able to achieve his or her goal through the writing. Finally, the writer of the book review should state whether s/he recommends the writing to any readership in particular.