How to Write Effective Research Papers.

It is the conclusion of the findings of an individual who has participated in the process of research. The research paper depends on both primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are when the researcher collects first hand information from the targeted group through either observation, filling in of questionnaires, or through any other method of data collection. Secondary sources include collecting information form the existing the sources like books in the library or any other materials that was written some times past. There are two main types of research papers i.e. argumentative and analytical research papers. Research writing involves several steps which include; choosing a topic, identify the audience, actual writing and conclusion.

Choosing a topic-The topic chosen should depend on the type of research paper the writer wishes to write. E.g. for an argumentative research paper, the topic chosen should be debatable. Analytical research papers begin with questions. The student should first of all understand the topic they are researching on so that they could save some more time. After identifying the topic, then the students are able to brainstorm on that topic and this is a good way of obtaining some of the basic ideas for your research paper. The students should record all the ideas that they come across about their topic.

Audience identification-The researcher should therefore identify the audience which in most cases the students audience is the instructor. Some of those research papers later may he presented orally and the student should be careful to address the audience in the right way as well as considering the academic levels of the audience because different academic levels require different approaches. In this context, they should also consider other groups that may be interested in their work because one of the reasons of a research paper is to make some new discoveries that have never been discovered before.

How to Write Effective Research Papers

Research-This is a stage whereby the students use the methods of research that is appropriate for them. This includes the sources of the material that they require for their research paper. At this stage also the students needs to realize the amount of information they require form those sources. At this point they are able to begin their research

Writing- the students should write their papers in an interesting manner. The ideas should be very clear and well presented. The introduction should be very interesting and the conclusion should represent an emphasis of the main ideas presented. The body of the paper should also be well structured, very clear and also very interesting.

Editing-The students after completing their work need to revise as they edit their work so as to come up with a final copy of their research paper. This is a way of ensuring that all the errors are removed from the final draft and that there is flow of information as well as the proper arrangements of the ideas. This is the final step of research paper writing. Part of it also is proof reading so as to find out all the minor mistakes that may not have been noticed earlier.