Comparison of Boeing and Airbus

Management is one of the important factors that are involved in the running of an organization. Without proper management, companies are bound to collapse and close down. Management varies from one company to another. All those people who are involved in the management levels are all focussed to seen the company goes through all its functioning with ease and without shortcoming which may lead it to difficulties. However, it often appears that different management style differs as some companies’ fail to achieve its goals due to poor management. Generally, there are several types of management styles which are applicable in management of an organization. There are many effective management styles in business organization which are used to achieve and strategise the company’s activities. The application of any of the management style depends on some factors that are of key importance in bringing a particular company’s mission, vision and goals into accomplishment. Thus, the choices of the style should make sure that the business is put in right track to reach far to its goals. (Benfari, 1995)

While our eyes focuses on the above two companies airbus and Boeing, there are similarities and differences on their management styles. As we focus on their similarities, the two companies are employing corporate management in which different bodies are involved in the running of the organizations’ managerial duties. Secondly, they are both managed from above. That is the decisions are made by those in the higher ranks in the authority profile. Thus, those individuals who are much lower in the authority are given ready made materials for them to carry the work of implementation of the duties in to material which will yield firm’s profits or losses. On the other hand, the main difference lies in the process administering the decisions that are made. The airbus managers have much characteristic that can be attached to leadership kind of management. This is because they are courteous to the junior employees and they do respect them while they are carrying out their duties. The airbus managers do some consultation with the supervisors who are the mediators of the top level management staff and the employees at the grass roots. The Boeing company managers are depicted in several reports and sources that they commonly use command phrases towards their juniors. Thus, they portray a dictatorship kind of leadership style. This does not evoke the dedication of the workers. Hence workers are having no willing efforts to put in order fort the company to get better results. (Benfari, 1995)

Boeing and Airbus

Boeing Company is one of the widely famous companies around the world. Its fame has been achieved through it ardent efforts that it has put in its advertising. The company spent millions it revenues on advertisings of its manufactured commercial aeroplanes. They not only lead in the advertisement of the commercial aeroplanes but they also lead others in advertising their space technologies defence’s aircraftman systems for communication purposes. They carry out their advertising materials mainly by using corporate commercial televisions which are viewed by most people in most part of the world. Secondly, they have ensured that their advertisements are broadcasted at the television programs which are striking for most people to watch. During their advertising, they bring very striking models which are clearly elaborated thus passing very clear messages and information to viewers. The clarity of their adverts is due to inclusion of legible text messages which accompanies the designed models. Their popularity has been augmented by inclusion of their adverts in all materials they produce like in calls for job recruitments. The great devotion has enabled the company to be one of the companies which are offering a very stiff competition to the airbus counterpart company. Due to its advertising campaigns, it has been able to close the gap that that had existed between their perceptions and the true scope of their global status. (Fill, 2002)

On international matters, the airbus company is the leading in corporation with the outside world. This is evidenced by the support it receives from the government of the country and the aid awarded to it by the foreign countries. Airbus Company has severally been given opportunities to invest in other countries more than Boeing. For instance, during the year of 2004, the airbus company was given the opportunity to launch an investment in the European countries. This was to be a bilateral trade between the United States and the European Union. However, Boeing has established in its own organizational body which is helping the company to create a challenging in competition with airbus in the field international matters. The Boeing Company is working hard to diversify its marketing and market places through connecting itself with communities through participation in community activities. By realising that communities are the core values of their business, the company is sponsoring numerous students world than airbus. This has enabled it to increase its stakeholders tremendously in the past ten years. Through the activities of aligning, integrating interests and motivating for stakeholder, the company has convene and collaborated with more people from foreign countries thus leading to the improvement of its market and international relations. (Baker, 2000)


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Boeing and Airbus

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