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Sleep is a very important activity in the life of a human being. This is because the body needs to rest in order to be in a position to continue well with its metabolic processes. Lack of sleep is one problem that many people go through due to various reasons. The problems may be physical or emotional problems. (Wandberg 2000). This is the same problem that Sam is going through. The first advice that I would give Sam is to make him reflect about what is going through in his mind so that we may realize together where the problem is coming from. I would also advice him to reduce the amount of alcohol he is taking as this may be one of the reasons why he is having Insomnia. I would also advice him to use the natural sleep aid where he writes all his concerns down in a paper then puts the paper on the table or hang it on the wall then proceeds to sleep. This method works as it just like the way one takes off clothes so that he or she can be able to sleep.

In the visit there are some deductions that I have been able to make. One is that Sam problems are not major problems and that’s the reason why the physician did not prescribe any medication. He maybe having some private issues that he is putting himself to himself alone and that is the reason as to why he starts improving when he start sharing his problems with other people. His problems might have been caused by introversy.He is also concerned about his life and that is why he always goes for test whenever he has unprotected sex but the other


issue that arises is that he is not capable of taking control of his behaviors and so he needs more counseling therapies which would make him acquire more skills to take control of his life. Sam can also visit institutions that over alcohol rehabilitation services or attend organizations that that offer sex rehabilitation so that his addiction to sex after drinking can be checked.

Due to the case that was proceeding of her divorce Sheila must have been going through both psychological and emotional problems which could have caused her to have insomnia due to overworking of the mind. This is because whenever the nervous system is disturbed or overworked it affects the nerves that necessitate sleep in the body hence leading to a situation of sleeplessness.

Sheila may be going through the same problem now to increase in the dose of the drugs that she is taking. Alcohol is also another substance that causes of sleep disturbance. Whenever there is overdose of any sleeping enhancing drug the sleeping hormones are usually affected which still makes one have Insomnia. (Wandberg 2000). The best advice that can give Sheila is to reduce the amount of alcohol she is taking so that the medication that she is taking may be effective in assisting her to regain her normal sleeping habits. I would also advice her to take the advice that she is given by physicians during the therapies seriously so that she can recover quickly.

Therefore as can be seen in the two above cases emotional problems and overindulgement in drugs and alcohol are major causes of insomnia. (Wandberg 2000).It is therefore necessary for people who are going through the problem to take the prescribed amount of drugs and also control their alcohol intake habits. Its also good to visit a physician if one is having psychological or emotional problems to get advice so that the problem of Insomnia does not arise.



Wandberg, R. (2000).Creative problem solving, Capstone press.