Global Warming


Global warming is the continous increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere caused by the increase in particular gases mainly carbon dioxide. Global warming can also be defined as the increase of temperature of the earth surface and oceans due to production and absorption of infrared radiation by atmosphere leading to an increase in temperature.Many people accross the globe have come up with different alternatives by introducing various forms and sources of fuels in order to curb the problem of global warming.This alternatives sources of fuels include:

Use of  geothermal  power energy:

This is the production of electric power by underground water where by the hot underground water is used to rotate the turbines that generates electric power.This geothermal production process does not have any effects on the environment thus this can be an altanative to curb global warming.

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Global Warming

Wind mills:

This is another alternative where wind is used to generate power especially in areas where there is strong wind. This production process does not have any negative impact on the environment. It does not increase the global temperature nor reduce the temperature rate of the earth atmosphere, therefore people should utilize and apply wind mills process as an alternative to reduce the rate of global warming.

Solar energy:

Another alternative is the use of solar energy, solar energy which does not produce any gas nor pollute the enviroment.Through this process people can store alot of power energy because it is readily available and yet it is affordable to everyone. Solar energy is renewable and that the amount of energy does not deplete despite wide usage of the solar energy.

Importance of Global Warming Reduction to environment:

Conducive environmental conditions will be experienced and this is because temperatures will be cool as there will be limitations of temperature increase because the contributors to global warming such as carbon dioxide productions will be reduced due to the use of alternative energy.

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Global Warming

Global warming reduction process will ensure the presence of cool temperatures which are required for plant growth and animal survival.The plant will grow in at higher rates contributing to quick recovery of the lost forest areas. The more the area covered by forests then the more the rain quantities, this is evident by the presence of adequate rains in equitorial regions which are greatly covered by thick forests.

Global warming reduction process will facilitate and play a major role in ensuring a clean enviroment.Through cutting down of enviromental pollutants such as green houses gases will gurantee the coexistence of animals and plants in the world.

Problems caused by Global Warming

There are problems associated with the increase rate of global warming.They include,the rise of water level in seas.When water rises it results to floodings along the coasts,this results to loss of useful lands along the coasts. On the other hand flooding may lead to increased water borne diseases. This rise of sea level is mainly caused by ice melts in the polar, as the temperature increases,ice melts and this water flows into the sea resulting to rise in water level.

tropical species will also die out due to increased rate of temperatures, species will not be in a position to adopt to the warmer climates in their habitats and therefore die out

Global warming will contribute to drought and drier climates in amny regions in the world, this will be caused by the rise in temperature levels and the reduction in rainfall levels. The evaporation rate exceeds the water levels on the ground due to the rise in temperatures and therefore drier climates will be experienced.

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Global Warming

There will be an increase in some diseases among humans such as malaria, as flooding increases and warmer climates are experienced then mosquitoes will increase due to the favorable conditions that help them to survive and increase in number, skin cancer will also increase among human beings, this is due to increased radiation from the sun that may result to skin cancer.

Global warming also leads to an increase in ocean storms as there is increased rate of water from melting ice in the poles. When this rate of water rises there will be frequent storms due to shakes on the sea beds.This contributes to waves formations and due to large amount of water, strong storms will be formed.

There will also be an increase rate in rock weathering, this is due to the continous heatig process of rocks. During the night rocks mainly contract while during the day when the temperature is high the rocks expand. Due to the high temperatures and low temperatures during the night the rocks weathering rate increases.

Global warming has negatively affected the living conditions of the terrestial ecosystems.Animals and plants have already adopted to the environment and due the change in temperatures the plants may be unable to adopt to the new environment, animals living in cold areas have been greatly affected because the rise in temperature will result into a change into warmer climates and therefore they loose their habitat.

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Global Warming


People should cut down the carbon dioxide emissions, this can be achived through the use of alternative fuel. This is because carborn dioxide is the main contributer of global warming becosue it leads to the degradation of the ozone layer. During the daya the surface of the earth is usually hot and as a result of the increased carbon dioxide in the air the heat is trapped in the earths atmosphere leading to increased temperatures.

nuclear power production also contributes to environmental degradation, reduced nuclear power production will lower the rate of warming .This is because nuclear power production contributes to emission of greenhouse gases and surphur dioxide which degrades the ozone layer. Therefore people should be informed about the impacts of nuclear emissions.

Various policies should be implemented such as reaforestation programs and reverse the deforestation that has occurred in various parts of the world. When all this is done the forests will help in purifying the atmosphere and eliminating the green house gases and therefore there will be a reduced impact on the ozone layer.

People should utilize renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy and wave energy instead of using he nuclear energy and fossil fuels that contributes to increased global warming , people should also use hydro electric power source which is environmental friendly

Sustainable global economy and alternative fuel source:

The nature of the alternative energy such as solar energy, wind energy and hydroelectric power is cost effective, they are renewable sources of energy and are very reliable, fossil fuels are

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Global Warming

reliable but are not renewable and at the same time greatly pollute the environment.

For this reason therefore the adoption of alternative energy source will be cost efficient and at the same time environmental friendly, the cost of production of goods and services will reduce and at the same time save the environment and resources. Therefore alternative energy sources will lead to a sustainable global economy.


Global warming is major problem facing the world today which threatens both human and species survival .It has caused various problems such as ice melts in the poles which has resulted to rise in sea levels resulting to loss of more lands and flooding. it has also contributed to the increased cases of malaria and skin cancer and we expect that if something is not done there will be a worse situation than the current situation, there is however a way in which the problem of global warming can be resolved and this is through the use of alternative energy sources such as wind energy, solar energy and hydroelectric energy, this will help protect the environment through a reduced pollution in the world.


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Global Warming

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