Cry Freedom


This is a film that was acted in South Africa during the apartheid revolution period and it demonstrates how the blacks were tortured and killed.It involves two characters Woods and Biko with Woods being a newspaper editor while Biko lis an indiginous South African activist.Woods narrates the whole event starting from the genesis of the racial segragation till the end mainly foccusing on the torturing and the killing of Biko.


Stive Biko was a black South African activist who tried to fight aganist the whites who used to discreaminate the blacks.Even if he had the limition of support he kept on and on fighting against the blacks rights.On his journey hed could meet with various blockages but he kept on fighting on.It is at this time he met with a white man by the name of Woods who was a newspaper editor.

On his first approach he narrated all his problems to woods who seemed to act as intermidiary between the two groups.After a while they became very close friends and furthermore agreed to work and help one another.Woods agreed to employ Biko and some other people of his race in his company.Due to Biko’s needs to fight for the black’s rights he was taken to custody.While in custody he kept on and on fighting for their rights till a certain time of torture reached.

After a while Biko was killed while in the cell but it was as a result of torture from the police who were commanded to do so by the authorities.When the news came in Wood reacted very

Cry Freedom

vigorously towards the police and the authorities due to their inhumance acts towards the blacks.He met some seniors including some ministers but while he was in his mission he started receiving some threats.At sometime he was being targeted by a police coup but he managed to escape together with his family to Lesotho and them to Bostwana with the help of a Australian diplamat.


South African authorities were very harsh and hostile towards the blacks for they tortured and killed them.Most of the killings were as aresult of the killings from the police especially through the direct killing by shooting while the others were as a result of the police torture towards the prisoners.Even if they strongly opposed this blames afterward it clearly indicates and shows that ordinary citizens cannot kill themselves by shooting.Where can ardinary citizens get the guns so without much arguement the rulers of that particular should be the one who should be judged.

It very clear that the whites descreaminated the blacks,see the cases where blacks were very separated frvom the whites,they had different schools.This is whereby there were schools for blacks and those ones for the whites.It was big crime for the blacks if they would dare to cross over or use the same path with the whites.But if the whites would do so they would not be asked by anybody.To them it was a normal duty to use or misuse the blacks properties for there is no limitations of doing so.This shows there was injustices acts towards the blacks for they were harshly treated.


It is true to say that South African’s blacks were rely descreaminated by the powerful and hostile whites who pretended to be the original inhabitants in South Africa.Most Africans activists like Stive Biko tried to fight for their rights but they were deneied.In responce they were tortured for their own rights as these whites could not on either way recorgonise any form of human right brought by the blacks.Therfore majority of the blacks who were killed during the apetheid regime

Cry Freedom

was as aresult of torture from the whites authorities thus they should be judged for their reactions.