Company’s Relation with Customers


Many companies usually intends to attract more customers by offering them high quality services, these services include consumer feedback and consumer complaints, consumer feedbacks are important to a company in that it aids in decision making to improve on quality and als establish good relationship with its loyal consumer. This paper focuses on the Dell company one of the leading computer company and how it handles its consumers.

Analysis of dell:

Initially Dell Company had not adopted a good communication channel with its consumers, the company enjoyed monopolistic power in the market and the management did not find it important to establish communication with consumers, however years later competition became stiff and its efforts to increase its market size forced the company to establish ways to collect and respond to consumer complaints and feedback about the products they purchased.

Company’s Relation with Customers

Their first strategy was to establish a website where consumers would give information about products in the same website consumers would enquire help and also leave comments regarding products purchased. Consumers today are also able to chat with the company’s representative regarding any problems encountered.

The website established also allows consumers to place orders online and also get information about existing products and costs, after placing an order dell has established a supply chain that enables the supply of the purchased product to the consumer, products are also build according to the consumers specification and therefore this enables the company to collect information about the consumers needs.

Apart from the established website communication is also made possible via telephone and also via fax and emails, the company ensures that every message sent by the consumer is responded within 24 hours and this ensures that consumers gain trust in the company and therefore helps establish consumer loyalty.

Critic and recommendation:

Despite existing consumer relation established networks there is still need to improve on the exiting networks, consumers have to be provided with high quality products and any complaints should be attended to to avoid problems in established relations, due to the wide consumer base in many countries the company is unable to reach all its consumers and this is a major draw back to the company’s success, however to improve on this the company should hire and establish more consumer service centers to cater for all its consumers.

Company’s Relation with Customers

Promotions is also a strategy aimed at improving relationships with consumers, the company takes from the consumers but still the company needs to give back to its consumers, promotions help in increasing sales levels where customers enter a draw after purchase of products, dell has done little to encourage purchase of its products and improve consumer relations. Therefore there is need for the company to promote its consumers.

Market research is also a way of collecting information regarding consumers needs and problems, the company has done little to find out the consumers needs and problems through use of questionnaires and online interviews, therefore the company should prepare questionnaires that should be filled by consumers as a way of collecting information about their products, interviews with consumers should also be held and this will help improve on existing problems in the company.


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Company’s Relation with Customers

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