Civil war

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The book about the Ohio war is talking about the conflicts that have come up in Ohio due to slavery and racial issues in the country. Europeans migrants have come to Ohio making the county diverse as the country has many political, cultural and religious groups. The high population of immigrants in the country has made the citizens in the country to worry about the change that this new immigrants will bring in the country (Dee, 2006).The different groups that have migrated into Ohio have different motives. Some of the groups are seeking freedom of worship while others have feared the problems in their home country due to failed industrialization. Issues of race have started dominating the country as the Ohioans have no freedom and they are also deprived their citizenship thus making the citizens to be subjected to slavery and racism as the whites have dominated the country thus colonizing it. The beginning of slavery in the country has created the country and its citizens. This is because the citizens have been placed in a different province named free labor. The racial discrimination has become common in the country as the blacks and women are banned from voting during the first constitution. The racial issues are further evidenced in the country as the black men are underprivileged during employment ( Dee,2006).The colonists have passed laws that have banned black men from serving in the military but only white men are supposed to serve in the military. The colonial powers have passed black laws that have forced the blacks who are to move to Ohio to prove that they are free, pay a certain amount and register with local officials in the country. The black Ohio’s are not also permitted to get education and not to testify in the court in opposition to any white. All this shows the racial issues that blacks have faced in the Ohio country (Dee, 2006). The laws established by the colonists are aimed at depriving the black’s freedom and lawful limits thus being oppressed by the white men. The black population has increased in the country and they have more freedom as the children could get education either in private schools or in public schools. There are more economic chances in the country that made the blacks to be rich like the white men. This is evidenced in the part talking about the freedom of lands to actual settlers. The freedom has led to black and white Ohioans to work hard to protect their country by protecting the legal rights and also protecting the African American. They have also opposed slavery by forming protestant reforms in the country. These reforms have worked hard to protect individual rights by making everyone able to reform the society. This has made many Ohioans to respond to these reforms so as to bring change in the country. Many groups are determined to bring change in the country. These groups included women rights group. The citizens have also used the reform culture to abolish slavery that has

Civil War

made the blacks to face racism. Though most of the blacks are determined to fight slavery others do not agree with the idea ( Dee,2006).

Ohio is said to be involved in conflict that have arose from the addition of slavery into federal boundaries. These conflicts are between the southern and northern states. The racial discrimination has been in Ohio since the colonial period. This is shown by the colonization song. The blacks are being colonized and discriminated in their country. The Africans are facing a lot of difficulties in their home country as the white men have come to colonize them. Though the African countries are rich as they have many natural resources which they can use to prevent poverty in the country. The poverty still prevails in the Ohio country since the white men have deprived them everything. This is shown by the statement in the song that says the land is full of honey and milk but the African men cannot access them( Dee,2006). This is because of the difficulties the black men are facing in their country. There is also racism in Ohio as it is shown in the song when the author says that the black men are not heard by the white men. People in Ohio are facing oppression from the white mans rule as the author says that they will die if they continue to stay under the arms of the white man’s rule. The racial discrimination in the Ohio country has been worsened by the slavery in the country ( Dee,2006).This is shown when John P. Parker remembers his activities on the underground rail road. Johns work is to take care of slaves. For example he says that in his activities he has helped many women and men on their way from Tennessee. This women and men have faced a lot of difficulties as they have to sleep under the trees though the group is seeing the country Ohio they are unable to reach their home country due to slavery and racism. John describes the men and women as strong and this gave them an advantage since they have made to escape from the colonists who have made them to be slaves. Like he says the women and men have worn out shoes and clothes but the only interesting thing is that they have courage. In the book the author has described the conflict that has resulted due to the adoption of slavery in the country. This has led to disagreement between the north and south( Dee,2006).


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