Research Proposal

Research Proposal: Riordan Manufacturing Inc. Service Request

The client, Riordan Manufacturing Inc., is a leader in the plastic injection molding in the world. This multinational has subsidiaries in Albany Georgia, Pontiac Michigan and Hangzhou in China. The research and development activities of the company are carried out in their San Jose headquarters.

The company approached Learning Team C requesting for services to research, evaluate and determine the needs in the company’s information systems. Riordan wishes to improve on its controls for inventory and manufacturing processes.

This proposal is going to address the proposed examination that will be carried out by Learning Team C on the company to determine the aforementioned factors. Learning Team C will be analyzing the factors that are involved in upgrading and purchasing of a software application for the company’s inventory and manufacturing processes.

Learning Team C will first analyze the current inventory and manufacturing processes in Riordan. The first to be analyzed will be the inventory and control processes that the company is currently using. The weaknesses of these processes will be documented. It will be carried out on all of the company’s subsidiaries. The manufacturing process will also be examined. Recommendations will then be made on how these weak areas can be improved.

Research Proposal: Riordan Manufacturing Inc. Service Request

The above information will be collected by field officers that Learning Team C will send to these stations. The officers will liaise with the supervisors and general managers of the branches so that they can get the information that they need. The data will be collected from direct observation of the processes, interviews and reviews of filed reports.

After the data is collected, it will then be analyzed and recommendations made (Gutek, 2007). The proposed changes in the company’s processes will be presented in tabular form and in flowing charts. This will make it easier for the client to consume the data (Gutek, 2007). The final recommendation, after the findings are analyzed, will advise the client on the best course of action to take, based on the information so gathered.


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