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. South Laundry

This is a laundry company located in Dunedin providing services within the Peninsula and the areas surrounding with their services running from 8am to 10 pm each and every day.

Transport and delivery

Being a young laundry firm it mainly deals with customers dropping their laundry work, it mainly deals with private laundry work as opposed to commercial work. Though they have established telephone lines and an e-mail address which one may use for any special request which they


may meet or not depending on the scale of work and proximity.

2. BMM Weston Laundry.

BMM Weston Laundry Division is a laundry dealer situated in Faversham, Kent they are providers of laundry services and laundry equipment within New Zealand having outlets spread all over the country.

Transport and delivery

Most of the individual clients drop their laundry works in the respective branches though with mostly institutional clients who have bulk laundry have their laundry picked from their respective locations and dropped of when the laundry work is concluded. Their delivery system though allows for private clients who may request for a door delivery which depending on proximity may not come with an additional cost.

3. Landix Laundry Ltd

Located in New Zealand’s capital Landix provides laundry services especially for commercial industry. This means most of their laundry work comes in bulk.

Transport services


The company pick s up most of it clients laundry through company owned tracks and drops them of at the main outlets for the laundry work to begin. They work on a day and night system though most of their laundry collect ion happens in the evening as most workers lay off their working gear. Most delivery services are done in the morning all in a 24 hrs cycle which is the time they take to process the laundry.

4. A woman’s Touch

This provides laundry services in within the residential areas, once the clients call the m they have their staff visit the respective client’s residences from where they co n duct their cleaning services they have their offices at Queens town.

5. Queenstown Cleaners

Located at Queenstown, Fern hill Queenstown cleaners provide a range of cleaning services ranging from laundry to facility c leaning, they are well established thus have t he capacity to handle commercial laundry.

Transport just like other companies they rely on client delivery though they have they have a transport and delivery schedule which runs at fixed hours. Those who have no problem irrespective of whether they are commercial or private have their laundry picked up and delivered within a stipulated time span.

With facility cleaning they have to visit the facilities and do their laundry works from t he individual’s residence.


6. Canterbury Laundry Service

Is a laundry company specialising in linen and situated in Sylvan street, Christ church. They mainly deal with big markets which mainly mean they have their customers as the greater of the hospitality Industry.

Transport and Delivery

They mainly offer the delivery of t heir products and have very few clients visiting their offices to drop or pickup laundry. They have a well developed system being one of the largest laundry companies in the country.

7. Waiuku laundry services

This company offers laundry services around Franklin and Auckland areas, their services are tailored to meet both commercial and private clients around t heir area of operation.

Transport and delivery

They run a pick up and delivery system that runs from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays, they also

allow individual delivery and pick up providing adequate parking space for these individuals

however just like all other companies it offers an all time pick up and delivery for commercial


clients due to the bulkiness of their laundry. uku-laundry-services/.

8. Fiordland Laundry Service

This is another laundry company located in the Auckland area; it’s not a major company and has just a few branches with a speciality in individuals.

Transport and delivery

They run a single pick up and delivery system in their 9am-5pm operational period having most of their laundry work being dropped by their clients who pick them up later on after the agreed time.

9. Auckland Carpet Steam ‘n’ Dry Cleaning.

This of the many laundry companies situated in Auckland but which deals with a different speciality choosing to deal with carpets mainly for households and offices around the Auckland area.

Transport and delivery


They do a pickup and delivery system restricted to their operational hours with customers opting to do their own delivery being accommodated to; these are helped by on duty staffs that help unload as most carpets are big and heavy. pet-Steam-n-Dry-Cleaning

10. Herne Bay Drycleaners

Located at Jervois Road Herne Bay, Auckland, Herne Bay Dry cleaners is another laundry firm dealing with individual laundry.


This is mainly reliant on customer delivery and pickup though the arrangements to offer the service to the customers seem to be on the mainstream.


The sterilisation market.-This market is the most sensitive of the four and requires special elements in terms of personnel and equipment, this will call for more investment and which may have varied consequences on the firm. To counter this firm will have to consider a different pricing method to counter the investments made. It is a very attractive market especially with the expected growth which is expected to be the same with the growth in population.

The Standard Daily Linen Service Market-This is one of t he largest market and to take a full


advantage on it the company need examine its handling capacity and also the ability to market its services to these entities. If this is done the market attractiveness is surely going t o be converted into great income by the company.

Industrial Protective Work Wear Market-It is quite an impressive market but with a few factors that need examination and address among them is the slow growth and the infrequency of the assignments from this market. It is also important t to note that the amount of labour going into cleaning these garments should call for adjustment in pricing. This seems the least attractive market with slow growth high requirement of labour and infrequent services.

Career Wear Market this is another very attractive market though growth may not be that high the frequency of services and the amount of labour required to meet the required services is a strong factor that promotes the attractiveness of this market.


The best market would be the, Standard Daily Linen Service Market and the Career Wear Market. This is prompted by the following facts.

The growth of the market is potentially good especially for the linen service though the career wear market may not achieve the same growth rate it offers a wide market which is frequent and has an element of certainty with proper promotion and pricing.

The equipment and labour requirement for the two markets may not  vary greatly as compared


to the other two markets which may require specialised labour or equipment. And with the location of the firm being closer to where these clients are it ma y prove the best market in terms of delivery costs, bringing in the place factor as a marketing concept.

To overcome competition the firm has to ensure that it puts forth a strong marketing strategy and invests in adequate and good equipment and services to ensure that customers are satisfied and consequently retained.


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