Law and Environment


Common laws plays a big role in the environment management for they provide a guideline on how people should conserve and manage the environment. they impose and implement various policies which should be followed in order to curtail further destruction of environment resources and pollution. They are put in place to prevent people from involving in overexploitation and pollution of natural resource.


The law bodies acts as the backbones for environmental management because they provide some rules to be followed which will limit further environment destruction. Unless there is intervention by the authorities’ people will continue experiencing environmental problems such as global warming and inadequate rainfall due to deforestation activities.

Already there are some environmental tragedies that people in different regions have started experiencing as a result of these activities. A good example is the case of global warming which instigate from the human activities. Global warming is a situation whereby there is the general increase in temperatures on earth. It arises from different activities in which mainly there is an engagement from human. The carbon dioxide emissions are regarded as the main contributors as during their emission processes the gas rises up and blocks the ozone layer, afterwards it starts eating away the layer thus allowing direct radiation penetration from the sunlight thus increase in temperatures.

Law and Environment

Furthermore, the atmospheric vapor gases together with sulfur dioxide blocks the atmospheric layer thus preventing the heat that arises from the surface. These heats accumulate in large quality therefore the rise in temperature on the earth surface which contributes to global warming. The effect of global warming reflects a bad image towards the environment as some of the natural resources will start diminishing as what is currently happening and it has already happened in the north and the south poles as the ice is being melted away.

The melting of the ice leaves the ground bare thus encouraging various forms of erosion leaving the whole area with a bad looking image which portray an awkward look to the environment. Furthermore, as the ice melts it flows direct in the water bodies causing a rise to the water level in that particular body. These risks the livings of the marine lives whereby some marine organisms ends up dying there together with the sea plants which will decay a cause water pollution.

Therefore the laws should be put in place to limit these activities for over 99% of global warming is as a result of man’s activities. In the case of carbon emission there should be strict rules that will have an impact towards the carbon dioxide emission rates. The rules my include, there should be a certain range of carbon dioxide and other gases that causes harm to the environment failure to which actions will be taken against by the law, the industries should not be located near the residential areas as they also facilitates acid rain which is mainly as a result of carbon and sulfur dioxides. Therefore there is need for all stake holders to endeavor themselves to put law in actions in order to burry completely those who are causing harm activities to the environment.

On the other hand still on the case of the water pollution the law should be applied to prevent those who are draining the sewage products direct in the water bodies. This will have negative impacts to both the human and the marine organisms as for the case of human he or she may mistakenly use the water by either drinking it or for some other domestic uses while it has already contaminated with some wastes may be when there was a leakage somewhere and therefore the final end result will be the case of human getting a disease. On the other side the marine organisms will be affected by the waste disposal that flows directly in the water thus they may end up dying and decaying there therefore water pollution.

Law and Environment

The same industries not only flows their entire disposal wastes in the water bodies but they dump them in land without burying therefore contributing to land pollution. In order to eliminate these problems there must be a quick intervention from the entire society and above all the law which will show the guideline to be followed. Since the common residents will find it hard to cram in they should leave it to the authorities who will eliminate these problems and ensure there is clean environment.

The law should also be put in place in managing and conserving the forests because there are some illegal activities or if so some legal activities but they go beyond the expectations; this is the system of deforestation. People engage themselves by cutting down the tree without planting another one that will replace the one that they have already cut. This will reduce the beautification of the whole scenario which reflected a good image to the environment as it will result to desertification. As trees are the sources of rainfall, the region will now be experiencing low rainfall rates and therefore no further the green cover. In order to dissolve these activities the law should be practiced to restrict those who are engaging in cutting down the trees from doing so and hence they should start the reforestation process.

The common law helps in promoting the non governmental and other organizations partnerships where they work together in managing the environment. They do this by joining together and finding and implementing some policies which they will preach publicly to the people by may be informing them about the importance of managing the environment, the method they should use to protect it and the effects they will experience either if they practice a better managerial process or if unfortunately they destroy the environment by polluting or deforestation.

On the other hand the common law stake holders in conjunction with other environmental organizations campaigns together in spreading and informing the public about the environment awareness. They mainly do this to alert the public from interfering with natural resources for sometime they overexploit them and they are the one who will finally suffer. These environmental ‘activists’ finds its best to inform the public by either calling public meetings and not only informing but also educating the public on the ways to manage and conserve the resources. If they do not practice these measures and go to an extent of over redoing their initial acts they will now be facing the law and therefore there is need to apply the law for better

Law and Environment

management and conservation of the environment.

There is the need for the law to be used in looking for the opportunities so that they promulgate publicly the solutions of that will help at least in dealing with the problems that are still continuing eating away the environment. If each and everybody body at least gets a clue on how to deal with the problems he or she will now be able to practice it and afterwards they w]ill now be enjoying the good fruits of their work. Moreover, they will also be able to preach the same to all people by showing them the tips of managing and conserving and also challenge them by telling the consequences that they will be experiencing if the do not act accordingly towards the measures. If they fail they will now be facing a tough chore off course which now will be other law.

The non governmental institutions should be established every where in the country and if possible form a one big organization that will have its members from all the sectors that is from the law and the common citizen. Their task will now to come up with the measures which after analyzing them they will then implement and spread them all over the country, though it is hard for them to convince people to practice the system of managing the environment , they will be catalyzed by the presences of the law .Those who will overexploit the natural resources and those ions who will be polluting the environment they should be allocated strict rules and the actions and when they try to attempt to do so it should be taken as an offence case. When these regulations are put into practice people will shun their illegal acts of interfering with the natural resources therefore the environment will be clean.


Without applying the law in the environment management it will be very hard or rather impossible to eliminate or stop those who are polluting the environment, this is because they will fear no one but when the law ;is put in place they will not any more engage in these acts. Here the law may apply itself in many forms such as joining together with other non governmental institution where they come up with some rules to be followed and after implementation they call public meetings and educate people on the ways to manage. The other way the law applies is by prosecuting those who are engaging in these illegal acts and when the public learns about

Law and Environment

these they will definitely cease from doing so. Therefore without the law it is impossible to manage and conserve the environment, so people and other stake holders should apply the law for a better environment management.