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Students undertaking law studies may often be required to write Law papers of various forms to prove their proficiency in the study of law as well as their extent of grasping the laws and the legal system’s operations. Writing law papers basically requires an understanding of the laws and statutes as well as the format of outlining the actual literary material within the law papers. Law papers are of different types and these may include appellate briefs, analytical legal papers, class briefs, term papers or bar examination papers.

The first step in writing law papers includes determining what kind of a legal paper it is. After outlining the format the student should learn how to carry out a legal research. This research activity can be conducted online through websites that offer legal advices. These sites offer details on court rules, legal opinions of courts and statutes. Some of these sites may charge a fee for access of this legal information. A good example of such sites is Westlaw. If a researcher or student wants to source such information, s/he can alternatively, seek for it on sites that offer free legal information.

A good example of a site that does not charge fees is Findlaw. A part from offering legal information, this site also offers sample cases from the Supreme Court of the United States of

America . The outline of most law papers, unless otherwise specified follow the IRAC format, which is commonly used in briefing of sample cases from the courts. In the IRAC format, the issue section is presented first, followed by the rule section, argument section and finally the conclusion section.

In the first section which is the issue section of law papers, the writer presents the issues which are of dispute in a certain legal case of dispute. This involves sorting out the presented issues into false and actual dispute issues based on questions which seek to ascertain whether they is any legal grounding for the case and issues. In evaluation cases the writer should careful consider this section of law papers with greater keenness because they are tricky in nature. The assessment criterion for this section of law papers is based on checking whether the student has been able to decipher the main issues of a weighty legal nature in the case.

The section that follows the issues section is the argument section. This section within the law papers applies the known rules of law to the particular case under highlight to determine whether there is a law that was broken. In this section the writer integrates the presented issues

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with the stipulations of the law to state the direction of his or her argument and its significance. Then finally, the writer has to include a conclusion section within the law papers which basically states judicially stated opinion based on laws and statutes relevant to the issues within the case.

Arguments and conclusions within law papers are best supported by citation of related cases so as to draw relevance and create a basis for the presented argument and conclusion. This is known as ‘shephardizing’ or citing of cases judged after the cited opinion. There are various online service providers that offer customized law papers to students that may be unable to write their own law papers. Any student having such difficulties may simply visit one of these sites and place orders for customized law papers written to his or her specifications.