Human Resource Practises

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Human resource management is one of the most important strategic method of managing people who are the most important assets in business or an organisation. This is because these are the people who make the business or the organisation to realise its goals and objectives. Human resource management usually has many proceses.All these processes are geared toward making the business attain the desired goal. These processes are mostly performed in the Human resource department but some others can also be performed in other departments. If all these processes are integrated well they bring about economic gains in the company. (Jackson 2008). Most businesses are able to make great profits and stay for along time in business due to good human resource practises. Most of the retail major retailers e.g. Wal mart, Target, Best buy and others make large amount of profit due to the employment of best human resource practises. This paper will look at the best human resource practises that these retailers use in their businesses to make such great success.

Strategic workforce planning.

Human Resource Practises

These retailers employ this process whereby they make sure that their businesses have access to the best talents in order for the businesses to succeed in future. This is done by ensuring that the business has access sources that are effective e.g. in employment, partnerships etc.By this they are able to get workforce with skills, good decision makers and also who have a good knowledge of business undertakings.

This is not only on the side of the employees but also in hiring which is another strategy of

getting talents in the business. (Bratton 2001). These retailers have their own strategies of

accessing business risks which can adversely affect that business if talent are not identified. The retailers also have good strategies of recruiting their staff. They have professional recruiter who assists in interviewing and screening. Some of the businesses also use recruiting agencies in screening their employees.

Skills management

These retailers have a good ways of understanding people and their skills. They also have ways of developing the skills that their employees have. This process involves understanding the skill that specific roles require, employees skills so that the employees are put into roles that they are well versed with. This usually increases productivity in a business. The businesses have skills matrix which usually has a list of skills, system of grading. These grading systems usually have a way of showing what it means to be at a certain level in a specific skill. (Bratton 2001). This retailers use this skill management process continually in order to gauge how the employees ate developing in their skills. The systems involved usually records this in a database which enhances data analysis. The managers of this retail shops are also skilled

.They have the ability to interact with the employees and half good relation that exist between them. The businesses have been in a position to adapt to the development of the new technologies. Their structures have not been affected so much because they have employees who are able to adapt to the modern skills. Skill management also makes it possible for employees to understand the skills that their roles require and also know any skills that they need to improve on. It is also helpful to the line managers as understand the skills of employees and also enables them to look for employees if they feel a certain skill is lacking in the business. Skill management also assists the business executives in future planning in relation to the current and future potentialities of their staff as they will have known the weaknesses and strengths of their employees. They are also in a position to understand the areas which needs

Human Resource Practises

development of the skills. (Jackson 2008).

Training and development.

This is one of the areas that the major retailers have concentrated on in the businesses. This process assists in improving the performance of the employees. They undertake this process using three main activities development, education and training. The senior managers of the retailers have sponsors these trainings.

Time management

These retail businesses have a good time management systems. In time management there are tools, skills and techniques which are used in order for the businesses to be in a position to attain their goals and also accomplish their roles. There is planning, allocation of duties, setting of the targets time analysis all aimed at making sure that every task is completed effectively on the required time. (Jackson 2008).

Performance appraisal.

This is a process that these retailers use to evaluate the performance of employees.

The employees are evaluated in terms of quality of work, quantity and time. This acts a guidance and also as a way of managing development of careers. The businesses use these appraisals in identification of training needs of the employees, allocation of rewards, show the employee performance feedback. The appraisals assist so much in the development of the businesses. (Bratton 2001).

Human Resource Practises

Running business successfully does not only entail making of money. It also involves that capacity to manage people i.e. the employees. Well laid down human resource practices makes the business undertakings a success. It important for any business to have a good human resource practices which are legal and ethical other than managing a business in an unorganized way. These best practices in human resource are the foundation of a successful business. The human resource practices usually assist to solve many personnel issues if they are laid down well in relation to the business goals. They allow the business to perform as a team. (Martocchio 2003).

Most of the major retailers have leadership which is capable to handle business development and also have experience in handling of employees personal issues. Planning will involve the managers be in a position to pay attention to the on how the business is perfoming.This performance should be looked as in the departmental level. (Martocchio 2003). This assist business be in a position to make the necessary adjustments in its operations. Failure of business to have proper planning may lead to employees being unsatisfied and also may lead to poor performance by departments.

Advantages of good human resource practises in business

Employees who work in a safe work place always are productive. This is because they have the motivation and they feel secure to say. This enhances their performance. Having a good work environment can be achieved by internal surveys where the employees are interviewed on how the feel about the working environment and also on how they feel it should be improved.

Businesses where the management keeps the employees on the light of what is happening tend to perform better that those where the management keeps its employees in the darkness. This is necessary as it enhances participative management Being open will on issues concerning the business will motivate the employees and also build trust between the management and the

Human Resource Practises

employees. (Martocchio 2003).

Good human resource practice involves motivating the employees in their work. This is done by rewarding the employees according to their perfomnace.This act as a way of encouraging better performance to every employee in the business. This also boosts the morale of the employees. However it should be noted that these incentives should not be awarded without good evidence that the performance of that employee is satisfactory. It also good for the managers to give the staff feedback of their perfamance.This assist the employees to grow in their skills. It also brings out assists in bringing mutual understanding between the management and individual employees. (Bratton 2001).


As will be seen from the above its good for any business to have good human resource practices for it to succeed in the competitive market. Employees are the main assets of any business or company. The performance of any business depends much on the welfare and the condition that the employees are in the workplace. (Jackson 2008). Its should also be noted that its good that the gap between the management and the employees should not be big so that there is openness in the company. This paves a way for constructive discussions which leads to growth in the ideologies in the company. It should be the role of management of any business to make sure these practices are adhered to.


Human Resource Practises

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