The Warriors 1979:


The movie the warriors was directed by Walter Hill, the movie was released in 1979 and distributed by paramount pictures, the movie is about a gang named the warriors, the movie depicts other gangs including the Gramercy Riffs, the Rogues and the Lizzies, the Gramercy Riffs gang is the most respected and is led by Cyrus, in a meeting which included all the gangs Luther who is the leader of the rogues gang is assassinates Cyrus but the warriors gang is blamed for this murder. As a result the warrior gang is hunted by both the police and the other gangs as they make their way to Coney Island from Bronx back.

The following is a discussion of some of the critics about the movie:


The movie has been criticized for being too violent, the movie contains many violent episodes as the warriors meet with the other gangs and fights erupt, this encouraged violent behavior among the youth whereby three killings after the movie was released were linked to the film.

Yurick criticizes the movie for being too scary, this is because the movie appeals the youth to form an apprising and this is appealing to the youth who may form such gangs. It also encouraged Collective behavior after its release whereby the movie was linked to an increase in vandalism in California and Boston. There was also an increase in violence in theaters whereby paramount pictures reduced its media advertising of the movie and also theaters increased security personnel.

The warriors 1979


From the above discussion it is evident that the movie warrior had a major impact on behavior among the youth, it is also evident that the movie was too violent and this encouraged collective behavior and violence among the youth. It brought fear to individuals because the film was appealing to individuals to become more violent and also encouraged vandalism.


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