Reasons for Dissolution of the Ottoman Empire


The Ottoman Empire existed between the years 1908 to the year 1922 and its dissolution followed slightly after its decline. The ottomans today form the most powerful civilizations for their creativity, artistry, and optimism. There are several reasons that led to the fall of the empire.

Change of Political Empire

In the year 1908, the political structure of the Ottoman Empire was changed by the Young Turk Revolution destroying the former autocratic system under Abdul Hamid’s regime [1] . The Young Turks Revolution wanted the restoration of the constitution that existed in 1876 and it also wanted the Ottoman Empire to be reconvened. Groups fought against each other and some movements started acting as if there was no pressure from Abdul Hamid. Any attempts to help the movements work together was met with severe opposition by the members of the movements.

The Constitution

Most of the individuals were not satisfied with the constitution that was in place and by the year 1909, some movements had already raised concerns about the constitution that was in place. Attempts to unite the citizens that formed the empire were not successful. The new rules in the constitution were not applicable and at the end of it all, differences came between the Christians and the Muslims [2] .

Reasons for Dissolution of the Ottoman Empire


The Italians were engaged in a war with the Ottomans and the ottomans were easily defeated which made the empire weaker and weaker. Other wars that led to great losses by the Ottoman Empire were the Balkan wars. These two wars greatly reduced the empire into a very weak empire that could not stand strongly. The First World War also led to some differences between the Ottoman Empire and other super powers and the end loser was the Ottoman Empire [3] . Its entry in the First World War was met with great resistance from Russia, British, France, Armenia, etc. these greatly contributed to its dissolution in 1922.


The dissolution of the Ottoman Empire took place in the period between 1908 and 1922. Some of the reasons for its dissolution include the change of the political empire by the Young Turks revolution, the constitution that was in place, the many wars, etc.

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