Battle of Mogadishu


The battle of Mogadishu emerged after the fall of dictator Said Barre who was overthrown by the a movement of United Somalia Congress in the early nineties. This fall was the genesis of the battle because since that time till now war has continued over the years.

The overview of the Battle

After successfully overthrowing the dictator, Somalis started fighting within themselves mainly the top leaders caused the war. This was between the party of Aidid and other groups in the country, Many innocent Somalis lost their lives and this led to the UN interventions and an immediate cease fire was called on by other nations. UN begun an operation relief where they started delivering basic needs to the victims of war. the UN food convoys did not reach the innocent citizens because they were hijacked and the aid workers taken by war lords of the region.

This attacks made the UN to use military forces to solve the situation and this was aided by American soldiers. After some months however America started to withdrawing some of its soldiers and this weakened the UN forces. This increased the rate of insecurity and therefore there was need to strengthen the force and this led to the combination of the main forces the Task Ranger and the Delta group. Secretly there were negotiation talks between the militia and the US government which resulted to confusion among the forces, the militia however took the advantage of this situation to attack the war lords. Later, US withdrew all its forces leaving the Asian and African troops only and after a short period of time the troops withdrew from Somali.