This is the senior most position in an IT department and the position requires an individual conversant with the entire Information Technology phases including the various components and the business applications of IT. Mostly the individuals need to have been worked in a previous similar position or at least have had constant contact with a person serving in a similar position. This is because acquaintance is a major part of this job.


He formulates business strategic

goals regarding the IT department and matches them

with the overall

organizational goals.

the job to junior staff and in most cases offers

He delegates technical aspects of

guidelines to them to

ensure harmonised operation of the Information Technology

department as a


Information Technology department and oversees the

He sets forth a budget for the

implementation of the


IT Department manager

He is subordinate to the CIO and helps in policy formulation of the IT department. Being well versed in various aspects of IT and being a technical expert himself he is well placed to forward the concerns of the IT department personnel and at the same time liaise with the top most management for curving out organizational goals and vision. The IT manager should also have a good understanding with the CIO to ensure that the activities of the IT department are harmonised. He should also have a good understanding of human resource aspects as he looks at that aspect of those who work under him in his department.



He oversees all technical aspects of

the IT department like software design, database

management and networks


He liaises with the CIO for changes

in policies and development of departmental goals.

Besides he should

enlighten departmental members on wider organizational goals and how


achieve them.

He is the liaison officer between   top management and the employees who work under

him within the IT


related issues within the organisation.

He manages and administers all IT

He advices the CIO on budgetary

requirements and finance disposal having adequate

knowledge of chances and

threats likely to counter the department.

IT technical staff person

This is the individual required to perform most technical aspects of the IT department. He ensures that the department functions properly by practically observing and fixing where need arises the system. He is subordinate to the CIO and should have good working relations with him to ensure that the department is harmonised. The IT should also have an understanding of the wider organisational goals to help him/her suit the various departmental roles to aid in achieving the wider goals.


–  He installs IT applications these may

range from networks to databases.

–  He manages data stored in the IT

department; management in this case may require

him to undertake the whole

process from data entry, manipulation and finally retrieval.

–  He undertakes full fledged machine

manipulation and installation collectively referred to

as computer


required to achieve wider organisational goals as

–  He should be able to design software

well as set up the


administer all aspects of the IT department.

–  He should be able to manage and



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