Writing a Sample Essay

Essay writing is one of the integral parts of study in various academic institutions and hence proper planning is required in ensuring that one comes up with a good quality of essay.

Writing an appealing essay is however not as easy as it may seem and therefore some considerations need to be taken into account when writing one. The factors to consider may include;


The choice of words used for writing an essay need to be simple and hence easily understood by both the writer and the reader. The choice of words should therefore be clear, avoiding the use of ambiguous words at all cost.


In writing an essay, the author must ensure that he/she stays relevant with the topic of discussion. Deviating to another topic of discussion will obviously end up misleading the final recipient as they may fail to make to get the intended meaning out of the essay.Focusing on the topic is also important in that, it will enable the writer maintained a proper flow of information and hence help the reader make sense out of the essay.

Writing a Sample Essay

Flow of the information

Once the essay is complete, it should be easy for the reading to make connection from one sentence to another and so goes to the paragraphs. An essay should be written in a way that events narrated follow one another in an orderly manner. Lack of proper flow in an essay may cause confusion on the part of the reader and he/she may not be able to make sense out of the essay.


Essays are normally meant to give in depth explanation to given issues or phenomena. For this reason, it is important that the writer gives full details of the matter to avoid leaving gaps in the topic of focus. By doing this, it will be easier for the reader(s) of the essay to get the full meaning of the topic of focus and hence avoid suspense.


A sample essay is meant to give students an overview on how they should write essays in future and should therefore be brief.Since it is just meant to guide the learner on how to do it right, the essay should not be too long as this may make it hard for the learner to grasp the main contents of the essay. The writer should therefore try to use short, concise sentences and paragraphs while writing the essay.