Descriptive Essay

When I entered senior high school I was never very much decided on what I would want to study in college or what I wanted to be in the next twenty or so years. I was still young and I loved to party almost every other day. I would miss lessons as if that was part of the curriculum, and I never cared whether I passed or not.

My parents happened to have come from a rich background and I thought the money was all that would answer all of my problems, whether financial, social or emotional.

During my final year of high school, I happened to have accompanied members of the chemistry class to a local science congress competition. I was not a member of the presenting team but while I was moving around seeing what others had presented I happened to have met someone who ever since has influenced my life in a very positive manner.

The person I met was one humble character and a peace-loving person. He was actively involved in community projects and he always had a passion for success. He was hardworking and was always one of the top ten performers in his school. John was also an active member in the schools Christian union, and beyond that, he was also a bible study leader. The person I met (john) happened to have come from a much wealthier family from our own. When I met him, he was preparing to present his project and he called out for me to help adjust his tie. Within the ensuing conversation, I asked him why he was so much pre occupied in sciences yet he had businesses to run after school.

John never answered the question directly but I remember he told me “for each and every one of us there is a purpose for living and that there is nothing as bad as live and never know your

Descriptive Essay

purpose in life”.

Later on, after the congress, I got a chance to chat with john again and he drove the point home of why I needed a purpose in life in order to succeed in my careers. From that day onwards john has always been my mentor. He has ever since helped me choose a career in international business and above all he helped me reform my life. He made me understand the essence of life, and ever since I never missed a lesson again, not unless it was due to reasons be yond my control, like sickness. Even whenever this happened, I always made sure that I informed my tutors of my possible absence or I always explained later the reason for my absence.

Johns insight helped me complete my A levels and I passed without a single pass in my transcript. Now am happy since am now taking my higher diploma in international business and I have reformed to such a point that I am an usher in my local church.

In addition to this john also introduced me to new ways of expanding and managing businesses to a point that my father has appointed me one of the directors of his Gerald’s group of companies.

Nowadays john has come to be one of my closest friends and indeed he has asked me to be his best man when he gets married soon. He is currently pursuing a degree in international economics and he hopes to complete the undergraduate course successfully.


Descriptive Essay

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