Illustration Essay

An essay is any short written material that is of an academic nature, and it is used to present a single idea or issue of academic concerns. As such it is brief, short and to the point in its explanation. There are numerous types of essays such as illustration essays, argumentative essays, expository essays, descriptive essays and analytical essays. An illustration essay, in particular is a short writing that uses real life exemplifications and anticipated counter arguments that can be exemplified to make an abstract issue or idea more solid and tangible to the reader.

Illustration essays are best applied in trying to explore issues that may be difficult to conceptualize in the mind of the readers. Therefore, an illustration essay serves as a mirror through which the reader can use to visualize the image of the actual issue or idea under discussion. At times an illustration essay is alternatively termed as an expository essay. Illustration essays do not use direct definitions and nor elaborate explanations, but rather they rely on use simple examples that can be related to the issue under discussion by drawing parallel relevance between what is being reviewed with what is used as an example.

Before a writer starts to write his or her illustration essay, s/he should first try to create a mental picture of what s/he is about to illustrate to the reader. At this point it becomes very important to consider your readership. The type of people that read your illustrative essay may have different backgrounds in terms of know-how and exposure. Therefore, it may prove futile if a writer tries to illustrate a certain concept to his or her reader while using illustrations that the reader may totally be oblivious about.

Therefore, the main features of writing any illustrative research paper firstly include the conceptualization of the idea or concept that is to be illustrated within the illustration essay. After clearly forming a mental picture, the author of the illustration essay should try to conceptualize the best possible illustration that can create a vivid and clear mental picture in the reader of his or her work.

The illustration chosen should befit the readership, for example if the illustration essay is meant for a third grade student peer review it should have illustrations that a third grader should be able to relate to his or her daily environmental encounters. This the most important part of writing an illustration research paper or an illustration essay. After this conceptualization of the illustration, the author of the illustration essay should try to carefully select the words that can

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best help the reader in creating a mental picture of what is being illustrated.

The choice of illustrative words for the illustrative essay should put into account the objective of the writing which is to pass a message that the reader can effectively use to understand the concept illustrated within the illustration essay. At times the choice of one illustration may not suffice in clearly showing the reader what you as a writer would like to pass across through the illustration essay. Therefore, at times it becomes prudent, and it is actually allowed for an author of an illustration essay to use more than one illustration to express his or her ideas. This may be especially important when writing any illustrative research paper that meant for different categories of readers.