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Basically, an illustration essay is a paper designed to bring out an insight about something. It basically illustrates a statement (thesis) by offering a number of examples. Illustration essays are issued to students to test their ability illustrate or support in a colorful way the various assumptions of an issue under consideration. It is important to note that any topic assigned should have a sufficient amount of illustrations but is also true that some subjects typically require more illustrations than others. Whether a topic has been assigned to you or you are at liberty to choose your own topic, you should carefully identify the question which needs to be subjected to an analysis so as to come up with ways of exhaustively evaluating the assigned or chosen/selected topic.

When it comes to illustrations in illustration essays, they can either be specific or typical. Typical illustrations do not limit themselves to anything and hence they take the whole world view. They also are not required to avail sources which are substantially concrete. As for specific illustrations, they have their view limited to the reader. They relate to issues that may or may not touch on the reader personally but such issues must have a direct or indirect bearing to the reader.

It is important to note that with regard to an illustration essay, there is some flexibility that is allowed when it comes to the structure but they should at least have an introduction, main body or discussion part and finally the confusion. As the writer of the illustration essay, one of your main roles is to enhance coherence and logical flow in addition to ensuring that all the illustrations you make are relevant to the subject at hand.

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