Explanatory Essay

I am a potential architecture master’s student who wishes to pursue a master’s degree in interior design, I harbour a dream of becoming a competent interior design in the near future and the opportunity to pursue this master’s degree in your university will play a major role in achieving my objectives in life. I am a highly motivated individual and will always aim to succeed in every aspect, when given this opportunity I will dedicate my life to become a competent interior designer.

I am a 20 year old gentleman willing to devote my time to become an excellent educator in interior design. I believe that I have an obligation to use my personal talent in such a manner that will benefit others and this will be made possible by my pursuit of the degree which will gives me an opportunity to articulate my talents.

Life has been a continuous learning process and has over time I have experienced the acceptance of even the unpopular and the ugliest things which have hidden beauty, I have worked as a graphic designer for 15 years and also a as a TV producer for 8 years.

I have always had a feeling that my future career lay in interior design and my 15 year experience visual display and graphic design has proved this beyond any reasonable doubt and it is time for me to bring myself to another level. My experience as a graphic designer was highly challenging and engaging but due to my love of design work nothing has been impossible.

At my age I will dedicate my life to advancing my knowledge in interior design and this will aid in my aim of educating other to become professional and competent designers. The degree means a lot to me as I have a great plan once I have completed this master’s degree course,

Explanatory Essay

this is because the degree will enable me to live a fulfilling life and also achieve my dreams.

I am a very determined individual in achieving goals and objectives. My strength as a student in the pursuit of this degree lies in the objectives I plan to achieve upon completion of the masters degree, these objectives include becoming a future educator in interior design, helping others and also the opportunity to explore and challenge new techniques and design fundamentals in the search of a self gratifying and inspiring piece of research work.

My love for Design has complemented my increasing interest in furthering my studies to another level, working as a designer in different fields for over 20 years has not been easy but my knowledge and skills in this field has enabled me to defy the odds, I am very keen in architectural structures and interior designs and from my work I have an experience in both.

In the pursuit of this degree I plan to undertake a research that will entail finding out

I plan to provide excellent projects using my acquired skills and knowledge as a professional designer and also cultivating my leadership role in the community. As a profession I will employ latest knowledge and techniques in interior design in a way that will benefit many in the society. I also plan to enlighten others during the period in which I will be undertaking my studies and also after completion of my degree.

I am diligent in the pursuit of the interior design masters degree because I believe it will offer me the opportunity to live a rewarding life which will be dedicated to serving others. I will pursue this degree the eager to learn and although I haven’t renounced my ultimate ambition of becoming a professional interior design, however the master’s degree will lead to the development of expertise in the area that is of personal important to me.

Explanatory Essay