Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is an essay that contains detailed description of a place, people, event or phenomenon. A descriptive essay attempts to create a deeply involved and vivid picture of the subject topic for the reader. Before you start writing your descriptive essay, first determine its purpose and consider its audience. The descriptive essay should be tailored to fit its purpose and audience. Then second is to understand the object or concept to be described by the descriptive essay. Do through research in order to comprehensively understand and cover your descriptive essay subject.

Use the notes collected during research to make an outline for your descriptive essay. The outline will give you an idea of how ideas should follow each other in the essay. Using the outline write the first draft of your paper and then edit the paper. A good descriptive essay arouses the reader’s senses and imparts a clear picture of the object being described in his mind. Use concrete and abstract images and ideas. The descriptive essay should be well organized. A typical descriptive essay includes an introduction section, body and conclusion.

The introduction of a descriptive essay should start with a general statement as it gradually narrow down to the specific thesis statement. The body of a descriptive essay should contain the actual description of the essay subject. The paragraphs should be ordered in the most effective manner. Each paragraph of your descriptive essay should focus on one aspect of your description. Use interesting language, interesting comparison and images that appeal to the reader’s senses. Start with the most obvious facts as you move towards the unknown. The tone of the descriptive essay should also be built gradually. Use clear and concise language and make sure you leave the reader with a clear impression of the subject of your descriptive essay.

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