Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a form of composition that present an argument or the author’s personal opinion on a debatable topic or phenomenon. An argumentative essay is meant to show that the opinion of the writer concerning a certain phenomenon is the most correct than others. An argumentative essay tries to persuade the reader to adopt the point of view advanced by the Argumentative essay writer. Writing argument essays begin with the selecting of a topic. An argumentative essay topic usually has two conflicting points of view and the writer is supposed to take a stand on which point of view he/ she support.

Argumentative essay topics should be narrowed down and not general. They should also be topics that can adequately be supported by substantial evidence, reason and factual information. Argumentative essay topics should also be contentious in which reasons can be advanced for and against them. The next step in argumentative essay writing is gathering evidence. The argumentative essay writer should do thorough research in order to collect enough information to support his argument. The writer should also research on evidence supporting the opposing point of view and try to dispute them. After gathering evidence, next is the writing stage.

A typical argumentative essay is divided into three parts; the introduction, the body and conclusion. The introduction of an argumentative essay should contain an explanation of the topic and the thesis statement that gives the writer’s point of view. The body of an argumentative essay should describe both points of view and then provide evidence as to why the writer’s point of view is the most correct. The body should be well structured and the points well reasoned and well supported. Ideas presented in the body of the essay should be supported by facts and statistics to ensure that there is no room for doubt. The conclusion should restate the argumentative essay writer’s position as the most reasonable one. Sources should be well cited in an argumentative essay.

The length of an argumentative essay will differ depending with the topic and the writer’s academic level. A college argumentative essay is expected to be more detailed than a high school argumentative essay. Students having problem writing argumentative essay can check out sample argumentative essay and free argumentative essays online to get tips on how to write argumentative essay. However students are advised against downloading and presenting in class the free argumentative essay available on the internet. The free argumentative essays are placed there for reference purpose and are only meant to provide assistance to student and

Argumentative Essay

therefore any student presenting them in class as his/ her own will be considered to have committed plagiarism.

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