Testing Plan

Testing and control will cover all the highlighted areas, these are the inventory and control procedures, provision of data to the clerk as well as the flow of information from the receipt of inventory to handling by the clerk and recording personnel.

The other that will have to be tested is the quality and operation of soft ware that was found to be outdated at the preliminary stages of the study, the interfacing and the overall organization budget.

The quality of the system will be tested based on the output against the input this will be compared to the ideal situation or the ratio of better performing industries dealing with the same products or a prior determined production ration.

The initial stages the software were found to have failed due to lack of timely updates as most suppliers for these software’s had closed business,, these will have to be replaced and the tests will be administered on the new software’s that will be installed. The testing will involve checking of the speed and accuracy of the software’s in executing the commands fed into the system. Consistence of results for similar commands should also be checked to ensure that they run as expected and the update. (Myers 2000).

The other tests will be administered in determining the coordination between the company interfaces this will be done by use of two systems that will run concurrently to ensure that information into the systems reaches the required destination. Failure of either of the systems will definitely be an indication of interface failure. The reason behind running two systems will be to ensure flow of the system even incase of breakdown of either.

Testing Plan

The last of the tests will be budget control where the tests will involve a comparison of the outlined and actual budget. Incase the actual exceeds the outlined one then the costs are supposed to be reconsidered to ensure proper and managed costs control.


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