Online Learning Systems


In an increasingly globalizing world, the use of online learning systems has become increasingly important. This paper aims at looking at some of the ways that can help improve online learning.


Online learning involves the use of the internet as the main media for transmitting and disseminating information. It is increasingly becoming popular especially in these times as distance learning is becoming important. In this context, the use of online conferencing and other matters concerning the internet have been used in order to improve the quality of online learning. For the learning to be effective, clear goals and objectives, need to be defined as well as organizing them vividly, as per category and topic ahead of the required time.

In addition, the learners ought to be instructed by details outlining their roles and responsibilities and establishing regulations for the suitable and unsuitable behaviors, to enhance discipline and participation. More so, institute clear anticipations and standards for evaluating learners’ performance, in order to encourage attention and follow up from the learners. To create an outline of various types of activities for the learning process is necessary as well as establishing a clear starting and ending time for each session. The log in and out time should be clear to everyone in order to observe time and avoid penalties. Similarly, it is important to inform learners on the required technology or software appropriate for each session. This makes the learning easier, saves time and enhances understanding.

Online Learning Systems

In order for the learning to be successful, plenty of lead-time for planning and designing the course web pages is required to avoid inconveniences and wastage of time. More so, the back-up plan for lectures need be initiated, this includes printing or saving the web page. The learners and the teacher should be well prepared before the learning resumes by verifying the links, checking the room lighting as well as arranging for a technical support staff. The learners should be capable of understanding and interpreting information on the web, to encourage further research and study.


The online learning systems are highly beneficial as they facilitate distance learning as well as reducing the cost of learning. This is because people can learn in their homes or work places without being in school personally. This makes it easier to learn, as it is convenience. However, the lecturers deprive the learners of many advantages such as discussion as well as face-to-face explanations. More so, there is very little time and space for socializing and for extra curricular activities as the learning encourages indoor learning.