Columbus is said to be a navigator, a colonizer and an explorer whose journey across the Atlantic Ocean made the European nation to become aware of the American continent .Pre Colombian refers to the people of America and their cultures before the arrival of Christopher and his European successors. Columbus Day is the day most countries in the world celebrate the anniversary of Columbus termination in the America in 1492.In Spain and through America apart from Canada this day is celebrated on October 12 while in US it is celebrated yearly on the second Monday of October. Many countries in the new world and other parts celebrate Columbus Day on 12 th October 1492 in the Roman calendar and 21st October 1492 in the International calendar. The celebration of Columbus Day is mostly common among the Italian –American citizens in the US. Spain also celebrates this day especially where Christopher launched his ship. While in Mexico this day is seen as day of racism. There are many ways in which Columbus Day can be celebrated.First; most countries celebrate this day with parades where the Italian Americans line up on the streets. This is because many people see that the parades are a manifestation of the Italian religious ways of the catholic faith. Another way of celebrating this day is to rebuild Columbus first landing in the new world (Foster, 2007).

The Columbus Day celebrations have faced a lot of opposition. Many activists have asked the governments to eliminate this day because they think the Catholics will use it to overthrow the countries. Many people have also believed that this day is responsible for the disaster and destruction than success to the Native Americans. Others feel that the Columbus Day is made to celebrate the founder of European colonization that is Columbus. The oppositions to the celebrations are mostly based on the bad treatment the Native Americans encountered during colonization by the European Natives. This treatment has lead to decline in population. Some citizens believe that the reason many governments are having genocide activity towards Native Americans is because of Columbus traditions and the celebrations. (Foster, 2007).

The actions of these prestigious universities are said to discriminate the Italian American. This is because the Ivy League universities have questioned whether the holiday should be celebrated and remembered thus showing they don’t appreciate the Italian American culture. The faculty of brown university has also named the day as fall weekend as they feel the day is made to celebrate the unfair actions towards the Native Americans. This is clear that the people in brown university don’t acknowledge the Italian American culture but they see it as a burden and also a form of discrimination towards the Native Americans. The Colombia University has also skipped the holiday even after being named after the explorer since they see the day unimportant. Discrimination towards the Italian Americans is as a result of the thoughts many people have towards the celebration. This is because the holiday has faced a lot of opposition. The Italian


Americans should hold on to their culture of celebrating the Columbus Day even if they have faced negative stereotypes. This is because the holiday is a sign of love and respect for those who came before them. (Foster, 2007).


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