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wut is the difference between B.A. Human resource and HRM?

i really want to get into the hotel industry, so im plannin on going to college and transfer to Universities regards to the course im taking.

– wut is the difference between both human resource

– why is HRM course only have 1yr (2 semester)

– which course would be good in the hotel industry

*hospitality would also be interest for me, is it better than HRM

just answers as much as u can

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Human resources is probaby studying to be a human resource generalist. HRM is human resource management, this type of degree would prepare you to be a HR Manager or Director.

Typically a bachelors degree is 4 years, but you could do it in 3, some colleges offer fast track programs. I have never really heard of a 1 year bachelors degree.

As for the hotel industry if you want to be a manager, then look at business management or administration degrees, an HR degree would be good if you wanted to specialize in hospiltality human resources.

Hospitality is a good field to work in, but jobs are competitive, with most hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality enties often promoting from within. Normally these jobs can mean long hours and requring a great deal of customer service skills. If you are looking to get into the field, I suggest securing employment or interning at a restaurant, hotel, country club, or some other type of hospitality entity.