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Why do people always mispronounce Realtor?

People, it’s not RE-LIT-OR, it’s RE-AL-TOR!

Thank you, I feel better now:-)

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Experto Credo

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It is a word they have little contact with, thus the mispronouncing

A few days ago
You’re not the only one who feels a little better now.

How about joo-LER-ee, instead of, jewelry?

Or worse, mis-chee-VEE-ous, rather than mischievous?

Your Question makes it all worth it, because

sometimes I’m in a constant cringe looking

at spelling, hearing mispronunciation,

seeing apostrophes where they

CLEARLY should never be.

I would include another major one for me,

but it’s so torturous to my nervous system,

I can’t even type it as an example.

< The errant abbreviation for etcetera. [Shudder!!] For further consolation, grab a copy of Lynne Tress's "Eats, Shoots, & Leaves," from the year 2003 or '04. And thanks for letting me vent.


A few days ago
It’s because they read ‘real’ as the first syllable.