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Who should survive??

An atomis attack has occurred. The following eleven people are in an atomic bomb shelter (everyone else is dead) it will take two weeks for teh external radiation to drop to a afsafe level, but the supplies in the shelter can only sustain seven people for the whole two weeks. your job is to decide which four should die, and who deserves to live.

1. Dr. dane: 37;whit;no religious affiliation;Ph. D in history; college professor; goof health; married; active

2. Mrs. Dane: 38; white; Jewish; degree in psychology; good health; married

3. Bobby Dane: son of above two; ten; white; jewish; special education classes for four years; mentally retarded; good health

4. Mrs. garcia: 33 spanish-american; catholic; ninth grade education; prostitute; good health; married at 16; divorced at 18

5. Jean garcia: daughter of above; three weeks old; still nursing

6. mary evans: eight; black; good health

7. Mr Newton: 35 black atheist; atarting last year of medical school; homosexual; …

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erm, here’s what i personally feel, if that’s what you wanted us to decide. the following four people should die:

3. Bobby Dane, so that life wouldn’t be so hard for him and his parents since he’s mentally retarded.

4. Mrs. Garcia, since she has ruined her life by being a drop-out, a prostitute, and a divorcee. i don’t think she deserves to ruin other peoples’ lives more.

7. Mr. Newton, because i don’t support homosexuals nor lesbians… so sorry for him ๐Ÿ™‚

11. Dr. Gonzolas, since he already survived 2 heart attacks and is getting old. the recurrence of another heart attack is high.

like my explanation? ๐Ÿ˜€ the rest should live.


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That baby is actually not counted, too young. So only 3 have to die.

#`11 is so old, he can die, he sounds like he is on his last legs anyway.

10 also. The priest should be glad to sacrifice for the kids.

#9 is handy, would be useful but he’s pretty old.

But there is the issue of the dad of the retarded kid. They need women to reproduce. the mom is getting older, but could still have a couple of kids. Perhaps the dad could go, and the 51 year old mechanic could survive to reproduce. You know, this is not a very pleasant task to decide who dies. That wife is going to be broken-hearted about her husband, and he’s a college professor and young. This is a toss-up between him and the mechanic. One of them has to go, making 3 to die.

All the kids and except for the dilemma with the 2 men, all the parents.

So who is left.

Hmm, homosexual means he won’t be procreating, and this is the end of the world. Everyone has to procreate. So I guess he gets dropped. Too bad, last year of medical school. Anyone else have medical training? Let’s see.

Ah, no other medical training. Then he gets to live.


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bobby dane, because he is young and hasn’t yet lived his life. the older, older people have lived a full life, for the most part.

his parents, since they are both in their thirties and have the possibility of producing more children.

mrs. and jean garcia, as they are both young. jean garcia is very young and should live, but needs her mother to survive.

mary evans; she’s young as well and deserves to live out her life.

lastly, mrs. clark, as she is relatively young and her college degree, etc. can be put to good use in society. also, she does have the capability of producing children.


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man of questions
1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


(although 7 is not nearly enough to have a healthy species survive)


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Draw Swraws, including one short; the children are exempt.

The person who draws the short straw will die and their body rationed out to the others. the mother of the nursing baby is also exempt but will share her mil , if she can, to the other children.


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11, 7,3 and 5 they should survive…..this question is dumb.