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What things would you like to change about your school? 10 points…?

DON’T JUST SAY “I HATE MY SCHOOL” and just get the free 2 points! Take the time to answer!

Are there some things that’s been happening at school that you don’t like? What have you found inappropriate or unprofessional? I mean not necessarily bullying, friends, or peer pressure…I’m talking about your school curriculum, your teachers, your rules, your standards, etc. If you want to make a difference to change your school and other schools, this is your chance..so if you have the time, please state your problem and how you would fix it.

Also, what things would you like to keep in your school? What good things happened that you wanted to do more of it?

In other words, I’m asking you guys to evaluate your school as a whole, and give positive and negative feedbacks about it. Don’t just give me a list of complaints without actually telling me ways to improve it. IT would really be appreciated if you would take the time to really help. 10 points for best proposals and best answers!

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Ok well you better be happy because I’m taking the time to answer your question, so you should definitely take the time to read what I have to say ๐Ÿ™‚ Before you read it, you should know that I’m in grade 11, my highschool goes from grades 10 to 12, and it has a total of 1,800 students.

1.) Things I don’t like at my school:(/the unprofessional part of your question)

– Every teacher gives us tests and midterms at the same time. This is really stressful because we have to study for a lot of subjects at once, and the work is hard to manage.

*To fix this, I think teachers should get together, discuss the issue, and plan a more manageable ‘test schedule’, so tests/exams are balanced out and less stressful for students.

– Since everyone has different teachers, by the end of the year, we all end up learning different topics. Some teachers give a lot of details, while others make everything hard to understand. I think that it is very unfair that if you end up getting a bad teacher your mark suffers even though it is not your fault.

–This especially affects us if we have to take provincial exams. Since everyone gets the same exam, it is difficult for the students who had an inadequate teacher to succeed.

*To fix this, I suggest that teachers (who teach the same subject) are provided with the same materials like activity sheets, quizzes, projects, labs, in-class activities, tests etc. This will ensure that every student has an equal oppurtunity to learn and succeed, and that nobody has an unfair advantage.

– Another thing I don’t like is the fact that you get deducted marks for handing assignments in late. I am not suggesting that we should ALWAYS be allowed to hand in assignments late, but that we should NOT be penalized for missing one or two due dates.

*To fix this, I think teachers need to be more flexible, and understand that sometimes more important things come up.


– I feel EXHAUSTED by the end of a school day. This is not good because we are expected to do homework each night, and it is very difficult to concentrate, when I just want to sleep. Also, I feel tired at the end of the week. I hate this because Friday is THE night for partying and sometimes I am too tired to go out and have fun with my friends.

*To fix this, I think that a 4-day school week should be enforced, giving us a 3-day weekend. A 3-day weekend would give us more time: to relax as well as finish homework.

2) Things I like & want to keep in my school:

– Sports teams and pep-rallies should stay because they just get everyone pumped up, and raises ‘school spirit’.

– I like having lots of options when it comes to choosing the classes I want to take. My school offers a lot of languages, electives, and other extracurricular courses so that is great.

– The majority of teachers in my school are friendly and understanding, and many of them are ‘good’ teachers.


– In my bio class, we do labs weekly. This benefits almost everyone since the hands-on approach really helps us learn.


Overall I like my school but as you can see, there are several things that could be improved. I wish you could do something about these issues, maybe you can. Right now, I am enjoying my life – it’s really in balance. I have a 4.0 GPA and a good social life. Anyways, I hope this answer helped you.


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I only get 3 minutes to switch classes and sometimes I have to go all the way from a basement floor up to a third level floor. I also have to get to my locker before. It’s crazy. We all need more time. I’m thinking 5 minutes.

Also, my chemistry teacher is a wacko. She doesn’t teach anything but still gives tests covering information we have never seen. She is too timid and does not know how to handle a class. She needs some serious assistance.

My theology teacher talks about her beliefs only and not the beliefs of my religion, which is often conflicting. So some teachers need to have evaluations, basically. That or they just need to be shipped off to the psych ward.

Other than those things, my school is amazing. It is an all girls high school and we have a lot of fun. It is really prestigious though, too.


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First I would probably change the time you need to get to class down to a minute because when people have extra time to get to class they abuse by talking to friends and then are late because they didn’t grab their stuff or they just didn’t grab it to get to class and are unprepared. Then the detention policy and how kids are punished in general I think that they are way to easy on kids when they do stupid things like missing two weeks of school then not turning in the homework. I know kids are supposed to be responsible but some times when the parents don’t raise their kids right their work ethic is very distorted. I would also change the policy which allow kids to get out of school for hunting as excused, I don’t hunt, but I think that something like hunting should come second to school because teachers go around saying how education is important and how they need to stay in school and then don’t give homework for three days so that the hunters wouldn’t have work to do when they got back and I personally believe that this is wrong. I could probably fill a book on what I would change in school, but instead I will end it here.

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Well…We don’t have a home ec class,

No girls football,

At my other school we had Science Olypiad.

Here we don’t.

No History Bowl either.

Last year the teachers knew us more than the parents

This year, they didn’t even know I was gone all last week to Greensboro,

Last year we called our teacher Ms.Lisa, Not Ms.Crawford,

The chicken nuggets bounce here,

The rolls crack in half,

2 weeks ago our microwave exploded,

Now we have one with a dial

Our school mascot should be a bulldozer, because they are always adding on and tearing down (This year its a new library)

Our middle school was a high school before the sixtys, still have the original book cases,

Our building(s) are all over campus

Last year there were no PREPS,

Instead of disecting frogs we disected deer hearts students brought in from the bucks they got that weekend,

Here nothing but preps.

Last year kids wern’t really in “groups” everybody sat by everybody at lunch

This year there are the preps, wanna be preps, wanna be jocks,jocks,wanna be geeks, geeks,suspened-every-other-week kids, and the cheerleaders, and the wanna be cheerleaders.

Last year being smart was a good thing

We read books at lunch

Now at my new school we chant cheers

If you get my point. I don’t really HATE school, but last year was just a better year for me. Did I mention my mom was the princapal? But this year shes at another school and I couldn’t go to a school out of my distrect by that much. So now I have to go to this un higenic school w/bouncing and cracking cafiteria food.Oh yeah. We Have uniforms. We can’t wear colored beads, braceltes, headbands, ect. Have to have closed to shoes w/ rubber soles..oh yeah..you should feel sorry for me.


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I guess you just did something really good. Like really really good.. or god just realised that you deserved a miracle. You obviously deserve it ๐Ÿ™‚ So make the most of it..and be nice to people back.. because im sure you don’t want to go through the rough times again hey? hahha xx

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First: I only get 4 min breaks

Second: If your sick for more then a week, you’ll pretty much fail Ms. Nukems math class.


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Thomas B
Skip everyday and never go! haha