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what should i study?

… im 16 years old. im getting pretty good grades, im in business, economy and physics class, besides main things like math, spanish, english, etc. i want to study something that has to do with business.. i want to grow up to have a good job, 2 kids.. all that sort of good stuff. but i want them to have a good life, so i want a good job. what do you recommend is a good carrier to study? where? (a place where i can get a scholarship because i cant really pay too much). when i find out stuff about universities what should i ask them? (like do they take IB programs, how big theyre classes are, etc).

thaks a lot for your help

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Three things:

1) You do not want to work for someone. rather, you should be a business owner/Investor. Own the company, pay others to run it for you.

2) Go to a University and study Business. You’ll get the best bang for the buck w/ a degree there. (MBA is good)

3) Read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Awesome book…


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A kid at heart
I think that the first thing you need to thing about is what makes you happy. If you pick a major (and subsequently a career) just because of potential earnings, you may end up being miserable if you don’t enjoy what you do each day.

Don’t rely on scholarships because they are really hard to get, even with straight As. Check into state and federal financial aid. I knew my parents couldn’t afford to pay for tuition, so I did it myself with federal grants and loans. I think I managed a couple small scholarships through the 4 years. But grants/loans are your best bet.

When I looked for a school, I looked at the size of the school, what programs were offered, how much credits did they offer for A.P. classes taken in high school, etc. After narrowing the schools down, I visited the ones that I was most interested in. Most schools have visitation days, and these are good to go to, but I liked visiting on my own. Then you see more of the “real” school – not when they are putting on a show for prospective students.

good luck with the college search!!