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Raechel D

what is the best college to go to if you want to become a teacher?

There is a program called AVID at my school. It a college prep class and i am in it.i want to become a teacher. What is a nice (scenic) and upperclass college i could go to ?

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Hey Rachael!!

I’d like to introduce you to Appalachian State Univeristy in Boone, NC. (Yes, we’re the ones who beat Michigan!!) We were formerly known as Appalachian State Teacher’s College back in the day.

If you’re looking for scenic beauty there’s no place better!! There’s plenty of room to roam exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains in the summer and ski resorts galore in the winter. Not to mention we’re only 5-6 hours away from the NC/SC beaches

I hope you will consider ASU, Home of the Mountianeers!!

Here’s a list of the admissions requirements:

To be considered for admission, students under the age of 24 must meet the minimum course requirements, as established by the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina system. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to Appalachian. Applicants who are at least 24 years of age may be exempted from the minimum course requirements.

For high school graduates of 2003 or earlier:

A high school diploma or its equivalent;

-four English courses;

-three mathematics courses, including Algebra I, Algebra II, geometry, or a higher level mathematics course for which Algebra II is a prerequisite;

-three science courses, including at least one in a life or biological science (biology); at least one course in a physical science (physical science, chemistry, physics) and at least one laboratory course; and

-two courses in social studies including one in US History.

For high school graduates of 2004 and beyond:

all of the above requirements for graduates of 2003 or earlier; and

-two units of a second language will be required for admission.

For high school graduates of 2006:

all of the above requirements for graduates of 2004 and beyond; and

-an additional unit of mathematics (for a total of four) will be required for admission to Appalachian. These courses include:

Algebra I

Algebra II

Geometry (or a higher level of mathematics course for which Algebra II is a prerequisite)

-Any one of the following courses: AP Calculus, AP Statistics, Pre-Calculus (formerly Advanced Math), Discrete Mathematics, IB Mathematics Level II, Integrated Mathematics IV, and Advanced Functions & Modeling.

Best of luck to you!!

Have an AWESOME day!!

CosmicKelly 🙂


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Southwest State or University of Minnesota-Minneapolis are the two best colleges for teaching in the state. Southwest State doesn’t have the greatest scenic area, but one of the best colleges to receive your degree.

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I’ve heard that San Francisco State University has a good teaching program. I guess its not that scenic but you get to be near the city so it might be nice to live there.