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What is a Figure of Speech?

Can a figure of speech be a noun? or a verb? or adjective? isn’t it the term listed next to the word, after the definition in the dictionary?

or am i totally missing the point here?


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A Figure of Speech is where a word or words are used to create an effect, often where they do not have their original or literal meaning.

If someone says that they are ‘starving’, they do not mean that they are in fact dying of hunger, but that they are very hungry. This is a simple example of a figure of speech, where the word is used to heighten or increase the state that they are describing. A metaphor or a simile are two of the most common forms used.

I think that you may be confusing “figure of speech” with the parts of speech: nouns, verbs, etc.

I think we may be able to find a figure of speech using any part of speech. Lets try.

noun–I’m as hungry as a bear. the FOS–hungry bear

adverb–I’m dead on my feet. the FOS–dead speaker

verb–He’s lying like a dog. FOS–lying

adjective–She’s as pretty as a picture. FOS–pretty

preposition–They are flying under the radar. FOS–under

conjunction–She looks like something dead, yet she lives!


exclamation–Run for your lives; the nerd is coming!


pronoun–His dad uses him for a punching bag. FOS–him

Realize that the single words identified as FOS are the foci of the FOS. Then you can understand how any part of speech can be the focus of a figure of speech.

An example of a metaphor might be ” He ran like the wind.”

A simile–“He’s as dumb as a stump.”


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It would need to be a few words except in cases like an oxymoron.

The easiest definition is to use words so they mean something other than they actually do. There are several types with examples listed in this link: http://www.usingenglish.com/glossary/figure-of-speech.html


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you know the saying, “its just a figure of speech”.? well, what it means is that its just an analogy, or something to compare another thing with. you don’t have to take it to its literal meaning. examples of figures of speech are metaphor, hyperbole, simile, personification…. example: she has a heart of stone. this doesn’t mean the person actually has a heart made of stone. it just means this person is really stubborn, unmerciful or won’t give in…