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What does the phrase “alludes me” mean??? Please help?

For instance, in the context of:

“the meaning/story of this still alludes me”

what does that mean??

any help would be much appriciated. thankyou!

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I think you mean it “eludes you” ….which means that you know the answer is out there, but you haven’t found it yet. Or better yet, you just don’t know. 🙂

“eluding” means escaping from

“alluding” means to suggest or hint at.


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It is a phrase from nineteenth century Britain, derived from those who were regarded as the height of snappy dressing in the Regency period. (In its turn, that word came from buck in the sense of the animal, and had a slightly older meaning still that suggested male gaiety or spirit, with unsubtle suggestions of rutting deer.) In another sense buck up first meant to dress smartly, for a man to get out of those comfortable old clothes and into something drop-dead gorgeous. Since to do so was often a pick up to the spirit, the phrase shifted sometime around the 1880s to its modern meaning. It seems to have been public school slang to start with, probably from Winchester College, and rather stiff-upper-lip British. It could suggest that the person being addressed should stop acting like a wuss, ninny or coward, as here from Edith Nesbit’s The Wouldbegoods of 1901: “Be a man! Buck up!”, and was something of a cliché at one time in stories of Englishmen abroad bravely facing adversity. From the early years of the twentieth century, it could also be an injunction on somebody to get a move on or hurry up; here’s an example, from D H Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers of 1913: “ ‘Half-past eight!’ he said. ‘We’d better buck up’ ”.

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The meaning eludes me. (escapes)

He alluded to a previous discussion about a similar issue. (hints at, or references)


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u mean “eludes u”

elude means escape, dodge, run away, skip away


i have read the story five times but its meaning still eludes me(still escapes me- mean u still have not been able to grasp the meaning of the story)

bush has tried so hard to capture osama but osama has successfully eluded him uptill now.

james bond is too sharp- no secret can elude him for long.


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eludes = escapes

sounds like alludes, but isn’t