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what are the best law school study guides?

what are the best law school study guides?

also- what is the difference between all of them? ie what is the difference between hornbooks and nutshells?


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It all depends on your classes, your professors, and how you learn. There are study guides that are good for general ideas, i.e. Nutshells, Examples and Explanations, Gillbert’s. These are general outlines that are available for each subject. Often, they give you a plain language overview of a subject that your casebook (law school word for your textbook) goes through. Depending on your school, these may be too simplistic for you, but will help you grasp the larger picture. These are great for their review questions though.

Hornbooks are more detailed descriptions of law subjects that you will go over. These are particularly important if your professor has written the hornbook or articles. They go into depth about certain areas that you are expected to deduce on your own by the case method (learning by reading actual cases, rather than specifics in textbooks)

Start law school and see if you have trouble. If you do, it’s often advised to seek out a 2L or 3L who had your classes/professors and ask their advice. Oftentimes, law school libraries carry study aids so you can browse them first before buying them. These can definitely add up, dollar wise, so take a look at them in the bookstore and library before buying. They all have their advantages, but you cannot rely on them solely to do your work for you. The exams will test your abililty to issue spot, and these won’t help you to acquire that skill.