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What does “REGENCY RECRUITERS” mean?

Please mention the meaning of each word separately and the whole phrase.

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Main Entry: re·gen·cy

Pronunciation: \ˈrē-jən(t)-sē\

Function: noun

Inflected Form(s): plural re·gen·cies

Date: 15th century

1 : the office, jurisdiction, or government of a regent or body of regents

2 : a body of regents

3 : the period of rule of a regent or body of regents

Main Entry: 1re·cruit

Pronunciation: \ri-ˈkrüt\

Function: verb

Date: 1643

transitive verb

1 a (1): to fill up the number of (as an army) with new members : reinforce (2): to enlist as a member of an armed service b: to increase or maintain the number of c: to secure the services of : engage, hire d: to seek to enroll

2: replenish

3: to restore or increase the health, vigor, or intensity of

intransitive verb

: to enlist new members

— re·cruit·er noun

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It’s not a sentence; it’s the name of a business. It appears to be the name of a contracting firm of some sort (“recruiters” means that they’re trying to persuade people to do something for them). “Regency” has to do with royalty; their name is more or less intended to say that they’re a very find agency.