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What are those words to say in a debate when you agree or disagree to what a speaker says?

kindly enumerate also the functions of the first, second and third speakers and how to end a speech with the exact words both in the affirmative and negative side.. thanks

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“amen” will do for affirmative and “amen not!” for negative side

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The first speaker’s job is to present the stance by redefining the moot, give the layout of the second and third speakers(its best to do this last) and introduce at least two points supporting the stance taken.

The second speaker’s job is to take over from the first and reiterate by givi ng at least four new points but at the same time reemphasizing their stance in the moot.

The third speaker’s job is to summarize the points of the first and second then introduce at least three new points suporting their stance. At the same time he must be reiterating the directio n taken in the moot.

Overall there should be a central phrase used to take the moot in a particular direction and this phrase should be played upon continiously.

the rebuttal

should answer the questions of the oppositions that were not dealt with previously. Summerize the speeches and reiterate the stance taken. No new points should be introduced at this time.

Here are some to begin for second or third speakers

!. I see my opponents have bbrought along with them three Misses, Misunderstanding, misconception and miisinterpretation…….Misunderstanding because…etc.

2. Ladies and gentlemen, have no fear, the oppostion is here

3. My rather worthy but misguided opponents,it baffles to think that you are so easily influenced

4. It is with grave concern that i stand here to oppose/ suppport the moot…

Here are some ways to end…

I stand firm in our bellieve that (the moot) should or should not accor.

2. need i say more

3. I am compelled to say that it would be a crime to agree with such ridiculous stance,

4. My opponents, pack your bags of misconception, free your self from this mental chain of ignorance and allow the light of sweet knowledge guide your paths for thou shalt not err anymore.

here are some to show you disagree

I cannot see where you are headed, could you be anymore wrong, you line of reasonsing have been wighed and have been found wanting, just be realistic, I do not concur, I find it ablsolutley stunning that you actually believe that, ok my opponents stop the charade imready tolisten to some good reasoning now

To show agreement

exactly correct, i must commend my colleage for such lovely rendition, what a way to make our point clear, (some others are written in your proceeding question)