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What does P&S mean?

What does P&S mean?

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P&SPermanent and Stationary

P&SPittsburgh and Shawmut Railroad Company (also abbreviated as PS)

P&SPlanning and Scheduling

P&SPlans and Specifications (USACE)

P&SPoint and Shoot (camera)

P&SPolls & Surveys

P&SPrinciples and Standards (USACE)

P&SProcedures and Systems

P&SProduction and Surveillance (US DOE)

P&SProducts & Services

P&SPublish & Subscribe

If you gave us an idea of where you came across “P&S,” I think we could be of more help. 🙂

Just a thought – If you only heard “P&S,” any chance it’s actually PMS that you mean? That’s premenstrual syndrome, and all you ever wanted to know about it can be found at www.wikpedia.com (just type in “PMS”). Hope this helps.


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Pepper and salt? If you mean the P.S. at the end of a letter, it stands for post script. Otherwise, it could stand for some derogatory expression which I am thankfully unfamiliar with.

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Polls & Surveys