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Use These Words in a sentence…?

1.) Delirium

2.) Squander

3.) Frivolous

4.) Whims

5.) Coax

6.) Mayham

7.) Reproach

8.) Amorous

9.) Dilemma

10.) Lofty


12.) Grudge

13.) Intermediate

14.) Dainty

15.) Limpid

16.) Strife

17.) Kindled

18.) Verdant

19.) Bedewed


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Gone fishin’

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I hate to SQUANDER my time on your LOFTY WHIMS. It may give you SOLACE to know I don’t do homework. I hope this doesn’t create a DILEMMA for you or cause any kind of MAYHEM.

That is all the FRIVOLOUS sentencing you can COAX out of me.


A few days ago
It sounds like you want someone else to do your thinking for you. One of the best ways to learn what a word means is to have to use it in a sentence. So…….

I hope that you will abandon your FRIVOLOUS ways and that I can COAX you to do it yourself. Don’t SQUANDER your time away. Get going and do this work yourself.

You’ll have a renewed respect KINDLED in yourself.