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“Soulmate”> Natasha Bedingfield> Please incorporate these phrases of her song?

Into your own story,in regards to soulmates?

1.) You’re not easy to find.

2.) Is it possible

3.)Somebody tell me why I’m on my own.If there’s a soulmate for everyone.

4.) Who knows how to love you without being told

5.) If there’s a soulmate for everyone.

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I am Sunshine

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The Present Day

Annie MacGregor finished another story about her beloved Matt Dillon/James Arness. She leaned back in her chair and breathed a happy sigh……..”(2) Is it possibe to be any more romantic?” She chuckled….”I think not.” She thought about Matt and Sunshine. “Well, she sure found her soulmate. Can (3.)Somebody tell me why I’m on my own. If there’s a soulmate for everyone , even for fictional characters, why not for me?”

The strange thing is, these stories of hers were becoming rather …… real. One of her neighbors was so caught up in the “Dodge City doings,” she actually thought that Miss Kitty was a drunk!! She had to be reminded that these were made up stories…..Not real Gunsmoke episodes, and CERTAINLY not real events!

Once, and this is also true, Annie had indicated at the end of one of her stories that Sunshine was leaving Matt. She failed to mention that it would be temporary. She received several email that day from friends on YA, very dismayed. She was terribly flattered that they cared so much and she quickly assured them that Sunshine’s departure would only be for a short while.

In her haste to share this particular story with everyone on YA, she posted before she had done any editing. As she reread the finished product, the light on her screen, indicating the arrival of email, started flashing. She reckoned it was one of her faithful buddies; Those dear folks who enjoyed reading about the handsome Marshal and his efferescent girlfriend. She read some lovely messages from Kayboff,Sarge, and Boo . These little emails were always happily received. Annie was glad that people cared enough to read her little ramblings and then take the time to email her with their comments.

She decided to take a walk. Afterwards, she retired to bed, put on her earphones and fell asleep to the songs she had arranged on her tape….Music that reminded her of Matt and …………. Sunshine? …………or maybe………. herself.

The next day she changed her pattern. Instead of jumping on the computer before she was even REALLY awake, which was what she usually did, she went off to a marina near her home and lolled in the sun.


As always, she daydreamed about James Arness, her stories and a fantasy that was becoming more and more real to her. She thought about how incredible it would be the day she actually met this gentleman. She didn’t THINK she may. She KNEW she WOULD. Her precious mother had once commented, years before:”You are the only person I know whose crushes and dreams come true.”

from one mother to another... happy mother's day!

When she got back home she started sorting through some old papers of hers. Papers and pictures she had used as advertisements for the concerts she used to give. She remembered the song she had written about James Arness and the fliers she had printed, that included his photo. What was the name of that song again? Oh, yeah….”Welcome Home Jamie, You Still Look Good To Me.” She had written it when he had returned to TV in, “McLaine’s Law.” She was in her twenties when she wrote it and performed it. Many of the people who came to that concert knew of her adoration of James/Matt. They smiled as she wrapped herself around her love song.

She had also written a song about him when she was a young child…..That one, only her mother had heard!! Annie smiled as she sifted through these treasured reminders of a special time in her life.

Eventually, she went to her computer, and checked for email.

She saw that she had several messages. One caught her eye and caused her to put her hand to her heart!

Surely her eyes were playing tricks on her! It said it was from JAMES ARNESS!!!!!!

My Dear Sunshine,

(1.) You’re not easy to find. I’ve been emailing you all day long.

Last night I was on my computer and I checked out Yahoo Answers. I was reading this and that, nothing particularly special. And then I found a story you wrote. And it was about GUNSMOKE ! I was delighted. I laughed and laughed at the conversation that took place between Doc and Festus. You had their language down to a “T.” It was great. It brought back such fond memories. And then it occured to me…..This was never an episode of ours. But it should have been! I read another story of yours, the one about reincarnation. I was mesmerized! I am attracted to this philosophy, as well.

I read so many of your stories that I feel as though we are becoming friends.

I hope I am not being too bold. Maybe I should say, I feel as though I am becoming friends with Sunshine. She and I……..

I mean she and Matt are so suited for each other. They epitomize the concept of “soulmates.” I often wonder (5.) If there’s a soulmate for everyone.

Before I say any more , I am going to give me my private email address. Something tells me I can trust you with it.

Pickett’[email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you.


Annie almost lost her breath. JAMES ARNESS had wriiten her. And then she felt a tingly sensation go down her spine…….PICKETT’S CHARGE ?!!!!!! That was the name of Sunshine’s horse, in her stories. Named so because it was the battle in which Sunshine’s father and husband had fought, and where her husband had been killed. Annie’s REAL LIFE great grandfather had fought at Gettysburg and had been a part of Pickett’s Charge……She had found a way to weave this fact into her stories. And now THIS ! It was part of James Arness’ email address!!!!!!

She immediately wrote back. She knew this was not a joke. She knew that only Mr. Arness could have composed such a message . There was just something special about it……It had an old world feel .

Anyway . She composed a message and sent it. Five minutes later she received a reply. This time with a phone number she was to call ! She never hesitated.

When he answered, Annie did her best to sound grown up. (At the age of 58 she still had a tendency to sound like a kid!)The last thing she wanted to do was to sound like a love sick teenager! They spoke for what seemed hours! He told her that he was going to join YA and post a question. He asked her to please answer it and write a story just for him. He said that it would be about soul mates. As they spoke, his question appeared in an unusual category.

“Do you see it,” he asked excitedly?

Her heart rate which had finally calmed down through the course of the conversation, immediately skyrocked when she saw his question. “Yes. But why in THAT category?” He explained he didn’t want to read anyone’s story but hers. It was a safe bet that no one in THIS category would have the slightest inclination to answer.

“What will your opening line be….I mean after, ‘Dodge City,Kansas,Circa 1876,’ of course!” They both laughed.

Annie thought for a second……..(4.) “Who knows how to love you without being told that loving you……will be just like taking a breath……… It will be that natural ….. And that necessary.”


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