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Topic for Cause and Effect Essay?

So I have to write a C+E essay, and it needs to be either 3 causes and one effect (one paragraph each) or one cause with three effects (one paragraph each)

thanks so much!!! and it can be on any topic that I can cite!

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Global Warming is a hot topic right now.

Here are a bunch more:

Cause Effect Essay Sample Topics

* Influencing Changes To Medicare/Medicaid.

* The effect of SSRIs on adolescents.

* Passage of a national health program will result in heavy burdens on doctors.

* Explain the major reasons for the high dropout rate in college.

* Explain the effects of noise pollution.

* What are the causes and effect of the computer revolution?

* Explain the cause(s) of some clothing or hairstyle fad(s).

* What effect has the automobile had on the American society?

* Reading interventions and sustained effects.

* What effects can be attributed to phenomena such as El Nino?

* The Effects of multilingualism on the learning of additional languages.

* What effects can be attributed to phenomena such as the hippies of the 1950s and 60s?

* What effects can be attributed to phenomena such as the Civil Rights movement of the 50s and 60s?

* What effects can be attributed to phenomena such as Apartheid?

* The effects of native language instruction on the ESL development of adults: a synthesis of the research.

* Explain the causes for the popularity of fast food restaurants.

* Should ideas be considered causal variables in political analysis?

* Problems that city causes for people and environment.

* What effect does the Internet have on businesses and corporations? (how business is conducted; the size, nature of markets, etc)

* What effect does the business participation on the Internet have on privacy considerations? What is the debate over this issue? Use some case studies.

* What are the effects of the illiteracy?

* The 1920’s brought with it many new freedoms. One such freedom was the freedom of transportation. How did the invention of the automobile in the 1920’s change the world and what positive and negative influences it has had on society?

* Explain your like or dislike of a particular book or writer, movie, musician or television program.

* Explain a personal, unreasonable fear or irritation of yours. Give its causes.

* Explain the effects of some minor invention.

* Does the United Nations have any influence in the world nowadays?

* Explain the effects of learning to write well.

* How mood is affected by weather?

* What are the causes of unrest in Ireland?

* Explain your interest or lack of interest in sports or a specific sport.

* What effect and after-math can have the vanishing of the animal and plant species?

* Analyze the effects of excessive television viewing on a particular audience.

* The influence of TV advertising on gender identity.

* Soccer: Why it can’t make the big time in the USA?

* Discuss three or four good effects of a college education. Supply appropriate examples for each.

* What are the actual and potential consequences of nuclear leaks and meltdowns?

* What caused the proliferation of the bubonic plague in the Middle Ages?

* The effects of mercury on community health.

* Technology and its effect on human freedom and happiness in society.

* What were the causes of the American Civil War?

* What were the causes of the World War I?

* What were the causes of the Great Depression?

* What caused the AIDS epidemic?

* Think of a person in this world whom you most like or dislike. Describe the trait that makes you like or dislike him or her and find reasons for this trait. State both the trait and the reason for it.


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How about exploring the cause and effect of cheating in school? (I am NOT implying that asking for ideas for a paper is cheating… I’m suggesting that you look at something that does go on here and elsewhere every day: students cheating to get their work done. Why do some students cheat? How does cheating effect the student, other students, society, etc.?)

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the cause and effects of illegal immigration.