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Question about Student Loans.?

Ok, I’m 19 years old. Wanting to go to college at a Technical school. Tuition is almost $17,000 for one year, this is a highly rated school in Louisville. I have some help from UPS, and Financial Aid. Now, my question. My parents have horrible credit and just recently filed Bankruptcy, so if they fill out the Parent Plus Loan and get declined(which they will), I’m eligible for $7,500 for one year, Correct? If so I’m only a few thousand short, with other help. Now, can i take out another subsidized loan for $3,500(freshman) or is the $7,500 loan the same thing, just a bit bigger?

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One thing I will suggest–you are 19, you need to get off of your parents tax returns and start filing by yourself as independent. This will increase the amount that you can borrow. I will also make a statement that you may not like. It is your responsibility to pay for your own school, especially if your parents are having a hard time financially. My parents were in the same boat when I went off to school and i asked them to help me one time, and it KILLED them to say that they could not help me. Dont even ask. Please. For their own dignity, you need to handle it on your own.

Work hard to make money and save–in addition go to the FAFSA website and fill out the financial need survey. you will be able to get loans if things are that bad for your parents. I will also suggest–DO NOT USE THE MONEY FOR ANYTHING BUT SCHOOL.

I have over 50k in debt from my student loans.and I used about 25% of the money for personal stuff. get a job–dont do what I did and live off student loans. You might also consider going to a state school. Those are cheaper and the education is going to be just as good.