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Please help. mayfield high..?

i’ve got to do a piece of cousework on a imaginary school called mayfield high..

its data handling but im very very stuck as to what to do

so can i have some help atall.

anything anyone knows.

how do i start the introduction?


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i did mine last year and it depends on what you’re doing. i started with

“I intend to investigate…(whateveryou’re investigating)”

“I have chosen these because …(the reason you chose them[must be something mathsy not just “it sounded interesting”])”

“I will be using data handling techniques to prove my hypothesis.”

“i cleaned my data of anomalies to make it more accurate”


its a lot easier if you’re doing continuous data like height and weight because they mean you can use more fancy graphs and it makes it easier to find patterns

if you’re doing discreet data like shoe size i cant be much help


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