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Is there a name for this?

Sometimes I think up name combinations, like George Harrison Ford, wherein one persons name combines with another’s. It’s sort of like “Before and After” on Wheel of Fortune.

Is there an official term for this?

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Mad Irishman

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Yes – they are called word chains, and you can create them with any words you want, not just people’s names. There is actually a television game show called “Chain Reaction” tht is built around this concept. Guess you can tell what I do when i’m not on YA. LOL

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Me Too!!!

Olivia Fig Newton John Wayne Brady Bunch


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Sounds like a very mild form of OCD to me.

I have a friend who tries to link letters in vehicle license plates to the other letters … so if it was AEF….. he would be happy as F is 5 (E) letters after A.

That’s mild OCD