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Daddiez Girl

I Just Got Out of School 2day 12-19-07 And I Am So Board ‘Cuz There Is Nothing 2 do?

I just got out of school 2day 12-19-07 and I cant’t fing anything 2 do so what r some ideas ya’ll have?

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Gina P

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Write a letter. Draw a picture. Think of something nice to do for a neighbor. Clean up your room. Make a list of goals for the next six months, one year, five years, ten years and 20 years. Take a walk. Volunteer to help at a nursing home. Read a book. Memorize a poem. Watch a movie and write a review. Walk a dog. Offer to help your parents clean out the garage. Practice walking with a book on your head. Call someone and say “thank you.” Answer some questions on Yahoo Answers. Learn to read music. Try yoga. Check out the spelling of ten words you are not sure how to spell. Make a snowman. Go sledding. Re-arrange your room…

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Read a book

Play a game [card, board, video]

Watch a movie

Watch an entire series of shows [you’ll be good through January]

Answer questions on yahoo answers

Take a nap

Watch random videos online [stage6.com]

Go for a walk [it’s cold here though lol]

Walk around a a mall [it’s late here they’re closed]


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what is learn proper English?