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How much would you get paid for an hour if you are a Registered Nurse?

For Associate Degree? For Bachelor Degree? Students can decide to get a Associate or Bachelor Degree for Registered Nurse, right?

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Average pay for an RN regardless of degree level is just under $25 per hour nationwide. A BSN and MSN gets paid more depending on specialty – some nearing $100K per year (Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Anesthetists, etc…)

You can qualify to take the RN exam with an ASN, BSN, or MSN. The RN is a license from the state, the ASN/BSN/MSN is a college degree.

The higher degree will generally bring more responsibility and more money.


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yep there pretty much the same There r a lot of hospital that give you a sign on bonus between (3,000-10,000) because there is a shortage of nurses. If you get your AA you will get paid between 25-55hr and many times hospitals will help you get your BA. Most of the time the classes r taught at the hospitals. Go fo the AA first

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Brandon W
Yes, you can go through ADN or BSN programs to become a Registered Nurse.

How much you get paid depends on where in the world you work, and what setting you work in (hospital, clinic, office, etc.)