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Holiday Project Ideas for Homeschooler?

I am a homeschooler in my last year of highschool, (well, the state has me registered as an 11th grader, but the little number 12 in the corner of my textbooks begs to differ.) and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a creative multidisciplinary project with a holiday theme that I could do. I’ve thought of doing a report on the relationship between Christmas, Pegans, and Christ’s real birth date (English, History, World Religions, and Public Speaking, as I would present it as an oral report.) or perhaps writing and illustrating a childrens book about holiday traditions in French speaking countries, since I’m taking French, and then read it to a group of young ones at the library where I volunteer. (French, English, Art, Public Speaking, and a little community service if I get the approval to read it to the kids.) Or maybe make an illustrated time line about a specific holiday tradition…say…Santa Clause, or christmas trees. Any suggestions?

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All those ideas are so great, I can’t think of much else! You sound very smart and caring so any of them would be good. I like the report about Christmas, Pagans and Christ’s birthdate a lot but a children’s book would be great too. I was thinking like a report about secularism trying to take over Christmas in our country and how we can help stop it and put Christ back into His own holiday. Just an idea. Good luck!

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Ben Watson
That’s really great you are so dedicated to your studies. I’m a Masters student in creative writing so I’m biased to your second idea. I think writing a children’s book and reading it to some kids is an awesome idea and very fitting with the holiday spirit. Whatever you do, judging by how articulate you are, I’m sure it will be good.