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Help with school problems(College)!?

Hi, I really want to go to the Chicago State University,CSU, to take my pre-medical, but dont know what to say for the responses to the questions, what did you say to what ever college you wanted to get into? Has anyone done the pre-med at CSU? Thanks!! Also does this schedule that was online for them seem fair?

General Biology

Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry





8 semester hours

8 semester hours

8 semester hours

8 semester hours

9 semester hours

6 semester hours

3 semester hours

Than you!

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Their schedule seems lite compared to others I’ve seen. You should answer the questions honestly, make sure there are NO grammactical errors whatsoever, and be short, sweet, and to the point. Meet the word guidelines – never make it longer than they ask for.

Have a few different people read your answers: someone who doesn’t know you, and some that do.

Good luck.


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